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The Camaro will finally get a proper GPS option for 2013.
GM’s new MyLink will also be available.
MyLink is a big improvement over the older system still used in many GM cars and trucks.

I experienced MyLink in a Cruze a little while ago, and it works great.

Pictured here is the new 1LE package.
Let’s hope the real thing looks a little better than this horrible computer generated photo.
It really looks like the 7 inch screen was shoehorned into the Camaro dash….

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  1. GM vehicles used to have a "Body by Fisher" emblem on their door sill plates until the mid-1990s. This should say "Dashboard by Fisher Price."

  2. No-doubt designed by a committee at Fisher-Price or Playskool. Color is visual-interpretation of severe depression.

  3. This revised interior is so exciting and uniquely inspired that proves designers can work while knocked-out on Nyquil. Even Fisher-Price toys look better than the silvery plastic add on.

  4. I'm sorry, but there is NOTHING sporty, welcoming or anything that says "built for speed" about this interior. Very depressing.

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