2013 Ford Ecosport

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This looks pretty much exactly like the “concept” Ford showed us back in early January.
(Concept is the bottom picture)

Based on the Fiesta, it is not yet approved for the US.
Mostly developed in south America for that market as well as India.
But they also mention it was “engineered for sale globally”.
Which means we could be getting it after all.

The concept was powered by the new 1.0 Liter EcoBoost engine, now available in the European Fiesta.
A version of that new 3 cylinder is supposed to be introduced in the US in the 2013 Fiesta.

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  1. Makes sense to develop every new platform to be sale-able in all world markets. Such a pity too that no-one ever had the foresight to mandate a particular steering wheel side globally 80 years ago.

  2. Please post something New soon Vince so this hideous thing isnt the 1st thing I see whn I click to visit your car page.

  3. This hideous mess makes the juke look great!

    NOTHING makes the Juke look great. The Juke makes cow crap look great.

    So this is certainly better than the Juke (Joke?). But that's the ONLY thing it's better than.

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