2013 Hyundai Santa Fe

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Just a few teaser shots before we see the whole thing, very soon.

Seem to look pretty nice, but so do most other crossovers on the market. It could be tough standing out in a crowd of Muranos and Flexes. Or maybe Hyundai is playing it safe. With a modern yet understated design.
They have mede very few mistakes lately and seem to be on a roll.
And they already announced an all new Sonata for 2014.

They are not resting…

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  1. i don't like hyundai and Kia. Their vehciles seem overstyled, almost like someone trying too hard. Have you ever seen a non attractive person in very expensive clothing? they are still ugly right! That's how I see these sister Korean twins. sorry It's how I feel.

  2. LOL. First they were "too boring". Now they are "too overstyled". The new SF looks nice but seems to be pretty tame to me compared to others.
    Oh well, can't please all people allthe time.

  3. Seems really ham-fisted compared to the surface-delicacy that's been coming out of Kia. Looks like Hyundai needs to hire their own Design-Kraut and play catch-up.

  4. Finally, someone speaks the truth, luuuv the comments reffering to overstyled Hyundais and Kias, settle the fu@# down, you are no Nissan and never will be, so stop trying. Please weak hyundai blue collar fans, I know your response will be and thank goodness cause I wouldn't want to be a nissan owner….blah blah. truth is, if you were successful you would have a Nissan.

  5. Hyundai and Kias are just knockoff Audis. They can poach Audi designers who stole proprietary designs as they snuck out the back door. They are still poor knockoffs, and Audi has moved on with authentic beautiful cars while Kia and Hyundai are stuck with a one-trick-pony designer. It's that simple.

  6. @ March 21, 2012 10:37 AM

    Uh oh, here comes the Nissan salesman.

    If you were successful you would own a Nissan? LOL. I'd rather have a Hyundai and I am successful.

    Hyundai and Kia are beating Nissan up and taking their lunch money. Even the Altima has a higher fleet sales ratio than the Sonata, that's pathetic.

    @ March 21, 2012 2:38 PM

    Proprietary design? LOL

    Was it copyrighted? No, it wasn't. Therefore it isn't proprietary.

    This is Law 101 stuff, kid.

  7. "Was it copyrighted? No, it wasn't. Therefore it isn't proprietary."

    Sorry Dr. Wordsmith. Regardless of whether or not you acknowledge it, Hyundai is pathetic. Of course, knockoffs sell well among losers. If you can't afford the real thing, then a knockoff is an option.

  8. It does look nice enough. More important than looks are the overall quality, driving experience, and packaging efficiency (e.g., is it easy to load strollers and children?), I'm very curious about the 2014 Sonata. They have some interesting features in the current generation but I would never buy one because I think they look ridiculous. Overstyled is a good description. I liked the last generation car, which seemed to have better visibility and a more sensible interior design.

  9. @ March 22, 2012 11:52 AM

    Yes, because you "can't afford the real thing". Have you even driven any modern Hyundai?

    The Elantra and the Sonata are leaps and bounds ahead of pretty much all of its competition.

    Your comments make you sound like an idiot. Hyundai has been stealing the show at all major car shows.

  10. "They can poach Audi designers who stole proprietary designs as they snuck out the back door."

    LOL! How dare they pay him more than Audi! God forbid he uses his own design style when designing for another company.

    The logic is silly. They hired the guy because he makes nice designs. But he shouldn't keep his own style because he has been hired by another company? Kia is bad company because……..they are S.Korean? Besides, Hyundai's don't really look like Audi's.
    C'mon this is getting silly.

  11. you are no Nissan and never will be, so stop trying

    Get real: Hyundai passed Nissan 30 years ago from a financial standpoint. As far as styling, Nissan has more good-looking designs than most companies–including Hyundai. But even Nissan can have a brain fart (at Nissan they call that a Juke).

    As far as quality, depends on your frame of refrence. Is Hyundai ahead of Honda? Mabey. Ahead of Toyota? Absolutely. But their quality is certainly not Lexus/Buick/BMW by any stretch of the imagination.

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