2013 Lexus LS?

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Looks like the LS is getting a new nose for 2013.
The current generation came out for the 2007 model year, so you would thing an all new one is due.
But comparing the new front with the current one, it looks like the shape of the headlights are pretty much the same.
It doesn’t seem like an all new car.
Just what they did with the 2013 RX.

Maybe they sell so few of these they figure they might as well save some cash and keep the current one going for another year or two.
Why not…

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  1. Lexus really needs to stop it with this grille. It's such a copycat design theme that's been around since 2006 when Audi started it. It's a seriously botched copycat design that looks like a nightmare.

  2. The top pic looks like a Ford Explorer and the bottom pic looks like a Volkswagen Phaeton… just saying

  3. ALL of Toyota's best sellers have been copies of somebody else's best sellers. The top Lexus copied Mercedes S forever; and more recently they started to take after the 7-series. The Tundra was an F150 copy at first; now it's a RAM with a Chevy-like grill. But folks who get suckered in by Toyota/Lexus/Scion are not lookin at the design anyway–if they were they'ld be buying anything BUT a Toy. Is it way past time for a "ground-up" total redesign? YES! Does their customer base care? NO! So as a Toy Stockholder I'd just as soon see them shoveling the same old crap rather than waste $$ on improvements. (I may own the stock–but I'm not stupid; I drive Cadillacs, BMW,s Jags, RAMs, Jeeps, LandRovers, and Infinitys!

  4. I agree, the top pic looks like some sort of SUV. The headlights are at least a little more square.

    Shame that you don't see too many of these around anymore. Truth be told, if I were in the market for an $80k+ limo it would be an LS. Reliable, understated, and I wouldn't feel like a tool driving one. I always get the sense that people who drive German limos are cooler than me…

  5. OH boy that's bad. It looks like someone was doodling in a brochure, that someone being a teenager. That's sad and a very feeble attempt at making a terribly styled car look better by adding a huge gawdy front end. I thought Acura took the cake for bad front ends….this is now the worst ever. This will hurt Lexus. High end performance cars need an image of refinement, this is a sedan with the front end of a full sized truck.YUK!

  6. "I drive Cadillacs, BMW,s Jags, RAMs, Jeeps, LandRovers, and Infinitys!"

    my deepest condolences to you.
    Especially driving an Infinity

  7. "I drive Cadillacs, BMW,s Jags, RAMs, Jeeps, LandRovers, and Infinitys!"

    Doubtful, since you misspelled "Infiniti." That's something you'd know if you drove one. But you are correct, Lexus started out as a copycat MB and BMW. But now they aren't even a luxury brand aside from the outdated LS and the irrelevant LFA. Everything else is pretty lame and can't be classified as "luxury."

  8. "Anonymous said…
    the V6 and V8 infiniti M series have made this car defunct…Period!

    March 21, 2012 6:30 AM"


    The M isn't even in the same class as the LS, guy. Also, the M has been a colossal failure so far. The M56 had one of the worst DSRs of 2011, with each model sitting on the dealers lot for over 180 days. That's pathetic. People don't want it.

    Nice try, but fail.

  9. grille… copycat design theme…when Audi started it.

    uh, no. I don't recall any period that a car didnt attempr the radiator grille throwback from when cars fenders were not integrated with the engine cowl.. in the past 20 years, there would be bugatti, cadillac, lincolns, alfa romeo, even the bmw m1 explored this.

  10. Doubtful, since you misspelled "Infiniti." That's something you'd know if you drove one.

    I aslo owned some Marvin Infinity window dealerships; and had several cars with Infinity Speakers (Infiniti Speakars?)

    but I'll admit, I never kept an Infiniti vehicle for very long. They are nice to look at however–no denying that!

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