2013 Lincoln MKZ

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First pictures of the giant power sunroof of the all new Lincoln sedan.
Still based on the Fusion, but at least it offers something you can’t get in the cheaper Ford version.

Although what we can see of the dashboard in these pics already looks like the 2013 Fusion.

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  1. Fusion has a steering wheel – MKZ has a steering wheel.

    Fusion has some gauges – MKZ has some gauges.

    Fusion has some buttons on the steering wheel – MKZ has some buttons on the steering wheel.

    Oh My God – they DO look alike!

  2. They have to shed the old fart image. It is not a matter of adding a glass sunroof. Buick and cadillac have tried at least…

  3. To me it doesnt look anything like the Fusion Vince, DLO doesnt even look anything like the Fusion. that interior looks like the Concept, doesnt look anything like the Fusion. Yes it is based on the same architecture, not the same car.

  4. If they're going to compete with the upscale they should look hard at Jaguar, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Escalade Platinum, Rolls-Royce and the latest M-class SUV & E-class Sedan. If you don't have tons of real wood; you'ld better have a 400 HP HEMI and 22" wheels or you won't be consided "luxury". This has none of that–and it will have none of those sales either!

  5. To be fair, Vince never said it looks like the Fusion. He only said that it is "based" on the Fusion. That is a true statement since the underpinnings and drivetrain are shared with that car.

    folks seem to get picky with stuff like this. There are lots of idiots out there that will call this a re-badged Fusion. Of course those guys have no idea what re-badging or badge engineering is.

    I guess Vince's only mistake here is not being more specific…

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  7. Won't the cool sliding roof block rear window vision when open–two layers of glass, one very darkened.

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