2013 Mercedes GL

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All new. Looking very similar to the current model.
Which is the story of most new cars these days…

I am really not a fan of big and boxy, so this is really not for me.
I sat in a few of these and was never really that impressed with interior quality that isn’t what it should be in a car/truck costing about $62 000 to $87 000.

Hopefully the next one is a bit better…

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  1. Very conventional. Tiny little sunroof for such a large truck… especial as everyone is asking for panoramic sunroofs these days. MB is barely keeping up with their latest products.

  2. Not impressed with the interior?

    Vince, what in the heck are you talking about? The dash and nearly all primary touchpoints are STITCHED LEATHER, and secondaries are mostly soft touch.

    What world do you live in? Seriously, what wasn't nice about the interior because I don't get it.

  3. a lot of money for a very generic looking suv. Looks exactly like a cheap GM, I don't even know what they call it. Listen , i know GM copied mercedes, but the average Joe has no idea who copied who. Don't give the avg. cosumer credit, they are dumb, hence why GM and Hoonday, kia and toyota still sell cars. hahahaha

  4. GM Copied Mercedes??? With what-the Saturn Outlook???

    This is definitely MB's best effort to date for this model–a HUGE improvement over last year. However, for my money the Navigator and Escalade are better values because they are 50% bigger and therefore much more usefull. And they still set the standards–old as they are–in style. In the mid-size catagory; I think the Jeep G Cherokee is still better in every direction but the MB has a 3rd seat so it's ahead in roominess. I do think this moves Mercedes from clearly behind the X5 to decidedly ahead of BMW, however. And it looks like this may be just as much of leap foward as the new M is. (The M just went from never on my list to one of the top 5 with this last mega-improvement!) All in all this moves Mercedes from bing a joke as an SUV manufacturer to being a very very serious contender. Good Job, Mercedes!

  5. I thought MB would ruin this just like everything else…This doesn't look like it was designed by a retarded child like their new vulgar SL like designs.

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