AHow about a few more pictures of the new Acura ILX…

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Some that show the car in a few colors. Not the standard grey.

Still not quite sure what to think.
It is so boring, it might turn out to be a hit for them.
Acura is hoping for a 45% growth, mostly from the ILX.

We’ll see….

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  1. I was interested till I heard the pricing. startng at $27K just under $30k for the 2.4 with 6-speed manual. I just Don't see $7k worth of "more car" here over the Civic Si sedan. Honda/Acura is crazy, they never should have axed the RSX.

  2. I saw the new ILX at the Dallas Auto Show last week. While I was prepared for another Acura styling disaster, I was very pleasantly surprised. This car is low, sleek and well designed–especially the Audi-like rear and a uniquely sculptured side treatment. The nose isn't bad either. I was also surprised that there was no visual link to the Civic because even the proportions seemed different.

    On the other hand, the new RDX is completely generic like most any other SUV on the road. There's nothing wrong with it, but clearly Acura took a safe approach in an effort to travel with the Lexus RX crowd. It's well done, but no standout.

    One thing is certain–there is nothing "weird" about Acura's design direction. That in itself is news.

  3. This would be an amazing Civic. But this is not even close to being a luxury car. Then again, Acura has never been taken seriously as a luxury brand.

  4. I wouldn't put it past Honda/Acura to sell this somewhere in the world as a Civic. Somewhere where the Acura brand doesn't exist.

  5. "…I just Don't see $7k worth of "more car" here over the Civic Si sedan…"

    Yes there is. That is why they went DOWN in quality in the Civic. When CR removed it from its recommended list, Honda came out with an innocent oops. You know the classic one of "sorry I cheated on you, but it was not intentional….".

  6. This would have been such a hot seller for Acura if it started at $24,000.

    At $27,000, it is going to be a colossal failure. 150HP and lackluster fuel economy for $27,000? $30,000 for a Civic Si WITHOUT the limited slip diff? That's a laugh right there.

    Anyone who buys this deserves what they are getting, an incredibly overpriced Honda Civic.

  7. Looks like a $14k Kia.

    We need this because the civic is only substantially overpriced and Honda was missing the niche for really really obscenely overpriced econocars.

  8. The ILX at the Dallas Auto Show was a Show Car, it was not this car. The Show Car looks much better than this car. This looks like a tarted up Civic.

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