How about some more pictures of the new Mercedes A Class.

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Still looking really good.

Let’s just hope they find it in their heart to bring this one over here. And not just the B Class based sedan that is coming out soon.

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  1. I can't imagine buying this over the new Volvo V40 hatch and what is with those new droopy looking headlight across the new Benz line, including the SL!

  2. hee hee, ha ha. wait. this thing is for real?

    wrx and evo work at 35K because the market was demanding these imports… based on exhilerating performance.

    will this "premium" sport compact work from a luxury outlet?

    btw, just how big is this market share that mb wants to play, or, is this just to bring "young people" into the brand. if it is the latter, are the typical 40-somethings going to be offended by this crowd??? or, is it to bring mb into cafe standards?

  3. It has a gaudy domineering front end paired with the rear of a Nissan Versa, this is a catastrophe at best.

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