More pictures of the all new Audi A3

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As we saw before, the 3rd generation is a very timid redesign of the 2 previous ones.
The new platform platform will be used for the next 2013 Golf as well as many other cars.

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  1. Looks good, but the differences are subtle. Most people won't notice any difference from the current A3

  2. Like the current A3, this car is very simple and elegant. I see nothing over drawn, out of proportion, or unnecessary. It makes the Lexus CT look it came out of a cheesy video game and the next A-class look like a Subaru.

  3. Ride once in the back in one. Almost throw up. It never happen to me before. Ride too bumpy.

    Never catch me inside of one again. And it's boring.

  4. Who cares, all Audis are boring and look the same.

    The A/S7 is the only nice model that they produce.

  5. If AMC were still building Gremlins, THIS is EXACTLY what they would look like. Probably change the name to AMC Spirit though. LOL.

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