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The more I see it, the more I love it.

And the more I hate Volvo for not bringing this car to the US.

They now have just a couple of SUVs, the S60 sedan and the “slow selling and invisible” S80. You would think they’d welcome something fresh and new.

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  1. Well, like Audi with the A3, I'm certain they are "developing a sedan version exclusively for the US market." I wish they would be a little more visionary and just bring this instead!

  2. I like it too. It's a nice evolution of the S40/V40 design. Although I do hope that there will be a day that they design at least one car that goes back to a boxier design. A modern interpretation of the 240 would be very cool.

  3. I hope they reintroduce rear-drive personally…

    Anyway, this market is once again a victim of the perception that America only like sedans and SUVs with automatic slushboxes.

  4. To Me, it looks just like the Focus. Probably in the pipeline when Volvo was sold. I like it. And I like the Focus. Can't wait for the ST.

    I'm with you Vince, I love it. I really like the subtle kick up at the rear door channeling the old 1800.

  6. Those door panels look really chintzy. The exterior could be a Ford or a Mazda. It's a nice design, but there is nothing distinctive about Volvo anymore.

  7. Seeing as this IS closely related to the Focus (just like last time with the 2nd Gen and Mazda 3), I'm not surprised that the shape is extremely similar.

    I'm shocked about the "not for US" part though. The lineup is rather anemic these days. The flagship sedan is ancient….yet again.

    – FusioptimaSX

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