2013 Buick Enclave

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Looks like the changes aren’t ruining anything.
The new interior is welcome.
But there is still plenty of wood, and, at least on these pictures, it still looks like plastic.

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  1. It appears that gm interiors will never change much as far as cheaper materials. If your going to use a wood substitute then make it not look like wood (Though it doesn't). Rest of the suv looks like a nice subtle change.

  2. It's fake wood. Real wood would never be used at stress points, like a door pull. Plastic wood is a tragic sign of cheapness and tackiness in an otherwise great looking SUV. Please get it together Buick, and stop it with this awfulness.

  3. Real wood would never be used at stress points, like a door pull

    NOT TRUE. The NEW 3-series has REAL wood on the door pulls.

    Love the Enclave doors. Dash is a bit too plain–NEEDS MORE WOOD!

    All things considered, the old one looked better in photos, but I've yet to see the real thing, so we'll have to see.

  4. This is an improvement??? This is a heavily revised model??? Don't think so.

    Inside, Buick has got to get a grip on all the plasticly looking fake wood on all their models. The Enclave is especially atrocious. Buick's new and younger target market will have their "old" image of Buick reinforced by this Enclave.

  5. The exterior is now as it should have always been. The old one had a strange plastic bumper that divided up the front in an unattractive way. Doing this, you can lower the grill, and the lower front fascia looks more powerful, not a swollen lip.

  6. Those who chastise the wood are showing their lack of income– not their youth. This new Buick interior has an uncanny resemblence to Jaguars most expensive sedan and Porsche's Panamera 4-dr. And I like (the wood) in all 3, thank-you!

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