2013 Hyundai Santa Fe

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Pictured here is what they now called the santa Fe Sport. Which is the regular 5 seat version.
A longer 7 seater, with a V6, will be replacing the Veracruz. Which will not be offered in the US anymore after November.

Otherwise, the engine lineup pretty much matches the Sonata.

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  1. I don't understand the thinking behind have two Santa Fe's… the newly designated short wheelbase, five passenger "Sport" Santa Fe AND the long wheelbase, seven passenger "regular" Santa Fe. They don't even look much alike from the B pillar backwards.

    Overall, though, if Hyundai keeps up its strategy of high end features at a more than reasonable cost, this should be a hit. Except for the poor vision we can expect on the rear sides, it's a very nice design. Nothing original, but nice.

  2. The 7 passenger looks like a poor mans Mercedes GL… which is a good thing. The Explorer, Traverse, and Acadia now have company… I can't wait to see he Kia version.

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