2013 Kia Sorento

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Kia will bring some changes to the Sorento for the new year.
New front and rear ends. As well as this revised interior.
It looks like the center console will be receiving most of the changes inside.

the color pic is from the current model.

I drove the Sorento last year and quite liked it. But also noticed the interior was a bit cheap. Especially for the high end model that was over $34 000.

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  1. @ April 26, 2012 11:14 AM

    You mean like the majority of vehicles that start at ~ $20,000.

    Get real man.

    Show me another vehicle in this class with soft touch plastics.

  2. It is apparent that there is a major lack of intelligence in this post spot. Really, could not afford a kia???, that makes no sense. Kia as well as hyundai have a feel of being sub standard only because they use cheaper quality products, the end result is something that feels glued together rather than bolted together as tight as a seiko. Here is what is happening, there are no standards that one needs to attain prior to posting what ever is on their feeble minds here, therefore, the result is non sensicle chatter. The people that stand behind kia are either employees at the dealerships or poor people that can't move into a real quality product. Heck, maybe some of these unfortunates haven't even been in an infiniti or a mercedes, poor you!

  3. Anon 7:48…

    Lack of intelligence? You are comparing a Mercedes to a Kia. A Kia is the "everyman's car" while a Mercedes is a luxury brand. For a $34k Korean car, people want reliable transportation, and they don't expect the best. Got it Mensa?

  4. Kia has come a long way! Better if not equal to major non-premium brands coming out of Detroit, Toyota City or elsewhere. And I'm not a Kia employee. Kia makes sensible, reliable and recently stylish vehicles for rest of us who are not willing to second mortgage the house in order to show off to its next door neighbors. Besides Infiniti's recent design trend has been pretty damn ugly to say the least.

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