2013 Lexus ES

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Now available as a Hybrid, using the same powertrain as the 2012 Camry Hybrid.

Looks like the all new Lincoln MKZ might be the most direct competition now.
The Lincoln is more stylish, especially outside. But the ES has always been a great seller for Lexus, and this mix of the previous design and the larger LS can’t hurt sales.
So is the addition of the Hybrid.

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  1. Hmmm… A larger Lexus IS design (boring) with a BMW (rip-off) dashboard. Yet… this is real progress.

    But it will keep the Camry, uh ES, crowd happy I suppose.

  2. The ES has always been distinctive with average driving dynamics. This will probably be no different. A secretary's(with a rich hubby) car.

  3. Isn't it sad the direction industry is taken on design? More of the same seems to be growing trend. Like Camry almost no design changes except front and this car will be another 5-6 years on the road.

    I wonder where the excitement went on car design:-(. Honda and Nissan appear to go same direction…

  4. this camry based car has always disappointed. it's lackluster in every measureable facet, it's boring, this is like putting makeup on a pig. The new Altima is how it is done right. And no, I do not work for nissan, I actually drive an accord.

  5. The only mainstream company trying anything new design-wise is Hyundai….I like the looks of Azera (though they need to get real about the price)

  6. Honda, Toyota, and Nissan are boring designs because they sell. The people don't want exciting and daring, they want the safe-bet cars the Big Japanese Three build. That crowd and the "JDM y0!" types love everything those guys do, it seems.

  7. The pictures really make it look about as good as it can. In person, it's as generic as a car can be.

  8. nissan got the altima right
    lexus got the es right
    grown classic designs, will hold up over time good job both!

  9. interior is comparable to the new Lincoln, Avalon, Chrysler 200, A6, Azera. But Tarus and Altima beat them all. And the only one of any of then that looks distinctive on the outside is the New Lincoln. But Toyotas/Lexus are dull cars for creatures of habit with slow reflexes and poor eyesight. I think they hit their target market!

  10. "Toyotas/Lexus are dull cars for creatures of habit with slow reflexes and poor eyesight."

    That hits the nail on the head perfectly!

  11. Obviously sharing the dash structure with Avalon (different plastic/same configuration)

    And can the exterior be any more nondescript?

    I think they call that SSDD

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