2013 Nissan Sentra

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This is, technically, the new “Sylphy” for the Chinese market.
But it will become the Sentra for the US in just a few months.

And it looks pretty much exactly like a cross between the new Altima and the Versa.
So now all Nissan sedans look almost the same. In different sizes.

The conservative, almost old fashion, design might be a tough sale agains the Hyundai Elantra, Dodge Dart, and the upcoming Kia Forte.

Good luck….

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  1. More cars for people with poor credit. The new Sentra looks awful. Nissan can't design an attractive small sedan if their lives depended on it.

  2. It's slightly better looking than the current Sentra, but the exaggerated 'character line' on the sides is just a bit OTT, and throws the glass-to-body ratio way out of balance.

  3. My last three cars have been :
    Maxima 1995
    Maxima 2001
    Altima SE-R

    I don't see how I will ever be able to buy another Nissan… Their designs suck nowadays… Even Infiniti comes up with weird overf**ked designs…

  4. What's with Nissan these days?
    I was just thinking this weekend how All Infinity designs just look old and tired, and not in a retro way.

    This thing is more of the same. It's heavy and unappealing. Reminds me of 80s Pontiac, but without even a hint of personality. There's a car somewhere underneath all that, but it's covered-up by six extra inches of fat on every surface.

  5. a generous leap over the much maligned current sentra

    …inoffensive to the eyes with just the right amount of FLAIR.

    …it'll double its sales. Good job nissan!

  6. Consider me extremely unimpressed. Nissan desperately needed a knockout with this new gen Sentra design and completely missed the mark.

    I think Nissan would have been better off adapting/updating/upgrading the current Korean market Samsung SM3 to be the new gen Sentra. With some interior tweaks/upgrades to the exterior, it would have made a much better looking Sentra.

    The new gen 2013 Altima exterior design doesn't translate well when shrunk into a compact size sedan.

    Basically, it looks like another missed opportunity for the Sentra.

  7. Interior looks good but the exterior is awful. This is the blind date with the great personality but nothing else.

  8. This is a very good conservative design. Well look much better in person, It looks similar to the lexus es. The drive and MPG will be oustanding if the new cvt and hybrid system are what they say they are. It is aged a little, but maybe that's what nissan is going for. (classic designs) The side crease could be a bit less.

  9. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    That's all I have to say.

    The dash looks like a blatant rip of the current Avalon as well. Is that what Nissan is going for? The bland, geriatric crowd?

    Yeah, I'll take a Mazda 3 or an Elantra any day of the week.

  10. Instead of being amazing, Nissan chose to be bland and conventional. Just as they did with the Altima. People buy a Corolla because they think it's reliable. People buy Sentras because they are cheaper than Corollas and they assume they're just like the Corolla because they're made by Asians. Which is a really bad assumption.

  11. Just like the rest of the line up, it's ok. I like the interior but if it can't match the others in MPG or in other areas it will not get by on it's looks.

  12. q amazint that these guys can think they can even sell this crap in the us of a whwere we can buy real v cars like a c focus of r ao a cruze

  13. Compared to the current car, it looks like they lengthened the greenhouse and raised the trunk slightly. Hopefully this will correct the major design fault of the current car, which is a small car that Looks Small.

    It was a sad day when the Versa was revealed, and it looked larger than the Sentra. I am sure car dealers have had trouble convincing car shoppers to even sit in a Sentra, when a Versa looks bigger.

  14. hyundai is pure and utter garbage, my friend has a detailing shop and he said that he uses a custom pressure washer with similar settings to auto car washes and said that more than once, paint has flaked off kias and hyundais in chunks. To that end, he does not detail those cars at all any longer. He said that the best finishes are in fact, Nissan, Infiniti, lexus, bmw and mercedes. This looks like a fine solid car and there are already you tube videos out on Nissan Sylphy that is a twin to the new sentra. It has tremendous technology and looks beautiful…..oh yes and the paint will stay on, haha.

  15. vince. please be fair and post all the positive comments as well, come on…..I know there are many because i am a member of a nissn club and a few guys have said that their comments do not make it on.

  16. Why do the Nissan fanboys sound like they are hyperventilating all the time? This is such a boring design, and then you have the bozo spreading garbage about Huyndai's paint peeling. Oh yeah, at least Nissan is in the same class as BMW, MB and the high end brands. What a despair? Do they at least get paid $25 per…?

  17. "This is such a boring design, and then you have the bozo spreading garbage about Huyndai's paint peeling."

    Just because Hyundais are (still) crap, doesn't mean that this is a good design. Compared to the domestic and import competition, this looks like a 1990s retro-Corolla.

  18. I've owned several Nissan products over the years, including original 510, 240Z, D21 (Hardbody) pickup, 1996 Maxima, and 2002 Maxima. I don't think we'll be buying any more Nissan products, as the styling and features just don't cut it. The exteriors are bloated with cheap-looking baubles tacked on. The interiors are nothing to write home about, either. My wife and I were at the local Nissan dealer a few months ago because they sent us a free oil change coupon. We saw NOTHING on the lot that we would consider owning.

    This Sentra doesn't look too bad compared to the Juke or Versa, but will probably come in last place in any comparison test with the competition. No thanks, Nissan, you've lost another customer.

  19. very upmarket design and stylishly conservative…

    would probably be one of the best selling subcompacts by year end.

    congratulations nissan!

  20. I've owned several Nissan products over the years, including original 510, 240Z, D21 (Hardbody) pickup, 1996 Maxima, and 2002 Maxima….

    I love these lies, just to dump on a car maker. So, you got a coupon for a free oil change and decided to take the wifey along for a date at the dealership? Do you usually go together for oil changes?

  21. @ April 25, 2012 8:14 AM

    That is the most BS story I've ever heard in my life.

    He refuses to earn extra income because "the paint comes off in chunks"?

    I've detailed several H/K products and I've never encountered this issue. Maybe your friend is an idiot, or you are a liar. Probably you are a liar. If it even was true (which it isn't) all your friend would have had to do is NOT use a pressure washer, or just stand farther away.

    So, your story has been proven to be BS.

  22. "That is the most BS story I've ever heard in my life. "

    Of course you realize that most of the stuff that people say on automotive sites to substantiate their POV's are complete BS, right? Yes, automotive brands have social marketing shills that comment on their behalf. Yes you have thirteen year old kids who say that they drive M3s and Bentleys. Yes there are people who lie and say that they've had a lemon VW/Hyundai/Ford/Toyota that eats window regulators/head gaskets/tires/brake pads.

    90% of it is crap. It's the 10% that you should care about.

  23. "I love these lies, just to dump on a car maker. So, you got a coupon for a free oil change and decided to take the wifey along for a date at the dealership? Do you usually go together for oil changes?"

    No, screwball, we were running errands and stopped by because it was on the way. Besides, after spending vacation last year in the South of France, etc., every outing doesn't have to be a "date". Besides, she's due for a new car soon, so we were just checking out what Nissan had to offer while we were there. She loves her Maxima, but not a fan of what they offer these days.

    As for "lies", the statements I made are just my opinion – nothing else. If you want to continue to be a Nissan fanboy, go right ahead.

  24. Vince , poor you. You have to sift through all these irate ramblings. Really it's laughable, but worrisome. What do these people do for a living? wow. Anyways Vincenzo, enjoy the Nissans that you are given to test. Really they represent some of the world's latest cutiing edge technonlogy. Everyone should go to you tube and search " 2013 altima cvt" this way they can learn, get educated and post more realistically. The days of yelling out what's on your mind with no substance should have been long gone….Ciao Vince.

  25. …after spending vacation last year in the South of France, etc…

    South of France, eh! I am really impressed and moved…Do you read what you write or you have dementia? Didn't you say you went to the dealership because of the free oil change coupon? Now it is errands on the way? And if the wifey drives a Maxima, how come the crappy design back then did not bother you. Now it does, when it is 10 times better?

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