2013 Toyota RAV4

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The RAV4 is definitely due for a redesign.
The current model is now 7 years old. And everything in that segment is newer. And much better looking.

This is, of course, just an illustration.
But it does match the recent spy shots we’ve seen of the real thing.

I wouldn’t bet on the big 3.5 Liter V6 returning for next year. Seems that everything that size is going 4 cylinder only these days.
But… They still offer the V6 in the 2012 Camry while most of the competition switched to Turbo 4s as an option.
So… Who knows….

A Hybrid could be an option. While the Tesla powered Electric version is a sure thing.

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  1. The front end is hideous. How does one go about designing something so absurd. So many angles and openings. The side view looks like the Mazda CX5. I hope this is someone's idea of a joke.

  2. Toyota really needs to step up their game…the Camry, which hasn't been getting rave reviews, can only keep them ahead if the pack for so long.

  3. If this is anything close to the real thing, it's another ugly Toyota that will eventually turn in to what Buick USED to be! Nasty!

  4. Whatever happened to the company that gave us the MR2 and the original Celica Supra? Inexpensive, fun, cool cars.

    Not such hideous junk as this RAV.

  5. Looks like the Toyota Matrix is back. The original Rav4 was sporty with rugged style. This looks like every other anonymous car that Toyota makes these days. This car is indicative of what is wrong with Toyota, and all large Japanese companies today from electronics to steel to optics. They get too large, they can't get out of their own way, and they become stagnant and unresponsive to the marketplace. You'd have thought they would have learned from GM's mistakes.

  6. Quite interesting how people get wound up over an illustration and not the real thing. LoL
    Mind you it doesnt look too bad for a fake picture.

  7. I have no words for this new level of UGLY. I seriously think Toyota's plan all along was to turn customers into loyal zombies and to test their success with absolute monstrosities. All of a sudden the Venza doesn't look so bad!

  8. Fanboys and the like would leave the above comments no matter what the illustration showed. It is so obvious and tiresome.

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