Fiat Viaggio

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This time we get to see the whole thing.
Again, just a Fiat version of the new Dodge Dart.
But the chrome here and there makes it look a bit more upscale.

It’s nice, but let’s home this doesn’t ever become the Chrysler 200…

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  1. Of course this won't be a 200…this is a size smaller than the Avenger/200. If anything, this would be a Chrysler 100.

  2. Would have made a nice Plymouth if the brand were still around. The more aggressive look of the Dodge Dart version might not appeal to everyone. A Plymouth badge version of the Viaggio might have appealed to those who are simply looking for a Corolla type of vehicle.

    I don't normally support badge engineered vehicles, but the front/rear changes are actually significant enough to warrant selling the car under 2 different brands.

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