Fiat Viaggio

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This is the Fiat version of our Dodge Dart.
So far this will be for the Chinese market.

But just like the Dodge Journey/Fiat Freemont, it could very well end up in Europe as well.

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  1. Interresting. Style-wise it looks to be targeting Buick & Lexus. Possibly with a hot version to go after the BMW 3-series market in China.

  2. Hopefully, they will bring a Chrysler version of this. The Dart is ok, but its more sport oriented, this is a tad bit sophisticated in style. Truly it would bring back badge engineering…wait a minute it never left……300C/Charger…..Sebring (200C)/Avenger….so why not Dart/Chrysler Compact. It could happen?

  3. No I mea Chrysler, so far Fiat here in the U.S. is a FLOP! They really should have tried to sell the 500C as a Chrysler anyway. However, I still think if they brought this stateside it should be a Chrysler, definitely not a Fiat.

  4. Cant tell for certain till we see the whole package, but the front and back ends look more sophisticated than the Dodge Dart. Fiat should offer this front end here but on a hatchback to differentiate from the Dart. I'd buy that is a heartbeart.

  5. Dart or Viaggio.. it's a tremendous looking car. I saw it at the recent Dallas Auto Show and it is really a head-turner. Plus, the design should age well.

  6. Why didn't the Dodge Dart get this front fascia… this is frustrating that they think that we want design continunity over just a great looking product, I'm very sure that Dodge fans would happily overlook the lack of a one=piece tail light design and the grill the upper and lower grill that run right into the headlamps for this sexy, sophisticated design that will do much better against the Ford Focus, VW Jetta, and Hyundai Elantra, etc.

  7. BernardP says:

    I agree with other that say it looks better than the Dart.

    Fiat is classy
    Dodge is busy and forced

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