Mercedes Concept Style Coupe

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This concept is a preview of the upcoming small sedan based on the new A and B class models.
You can especially tell from the interior where the concept is very similar to the hatchback version. Except it seats only 4.

I am sure things will be toned down a bit for the production version, especially the wheels and lower front end.

But in general, let’s hope they leave it alone. This seems to be quite a good looking small sedan.
Which will compete with a much more conservative Audi A3 Sedan, also coming to the US next year.

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  1. Let's pray they bring this (pretty close to as is) to the USA. It is the first benz in a long time I would consider.

  2. This. Is. Not. A. Coupe. *sigh*

    Anyway… Very 'odd' looking, especially that completely unbalanced side-glass to body ratio.

    At least it does feature the best-looking front-end styling of any Merc vehicle in many, many years.

  3. This thing looks bent. It looks like someone tried to bend it over a log by laying it on top of the log and pushing down on the hood and trunk.I don't want a car that looks bent.

  4. Why does M-B bother with side windows on their 'coupe' designs? The slits are so small I can't imagine it won't feel like you're driving blind and suffering from claustrophobia at the same time.

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