More pictures of the new 2013 Toyota Avalon

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This should be quite a nice looking car.
And the interior could be best in class. Looking really modern as well as luxurious.
(Although I do prefer brushed aluminum trim rather than the shiny chrome bits.)

They still aren’t mentioning an engine yet, but the good old 3.5 Liter V6 seems a sure bet.

This should really be tough competition for the Lacrosse and Azera. And we’ll have to see what Nissan decides to do with the next Maxima.

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  1. The proportions look a bit more out-of-balance in that side profile, but still a notable improvement over the current Avalon.

  2. The direct view of the front end of this car is horrible, but the rest does not look bad at all for what it's up against. It reminds me a bit of an A7, but that buck-tooth Toyota badge oval hairlipping the bumper just looks ridiculous.

  3. Certainly a vast improvement over the old old-man's car, but the styling is a bit out of proportion and all the chrome up front and on the inside screams way to loudly.

    I read the Lexus ES is now based on this car's wheelbase not the Camry. Is that true?

  4. uncanny how all these mid-size (almost large) sedans all look alike right now in the greenhouse: Passat, Impala, Sonata, Altima, Dart, and now the new Lexus. When a loaded Dart is $23k I'd have a hard time spending more for any of the other look-alikes.

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