Nissan Quest test drive coming up…

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Just got a new Quest for a week.
So, as usual, you can ask me anything you “need to know” about it.

The one I am driving is a loaded LE version.

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  1. Vince, I own one. It is unbelievably quiet and smooth, has a short turning radius, a low side step in height, quiet ! I had a sienna before, not even close. I drove that awkward honda oddity and it was awful. Enjoy!

  2. i can tell you right now htt athis monster will probably b b e garbage next to the chrysler minin vna

  3. Vince, can't wait to hear your thoughts. I have a Quest also, I bought it after driving everything because it was simply better all around. We also have an Infiniti FX and we think that Infiniti could offer an awd variant of this van, it's that nice.

  4. Great engine. Awful in every other way. I've seen only about a dozen on the road since they launched it, because it's the ugliest most awkward looking van on the market.

  5. I am sorry Vince that u have to drive this monstruosity. Well, just wear very dark, over-sized sunglasses!

  6. @ April 25, 2012 4:03 PM

    It is very annoying, Vince.

    Didn't this thing place dead last in a comparison test recently?

    Nissan has NEVER made a good minivan.

  7. love the quest, it really is the nicest van, honda looks like it was in a collision, toyota is toyota boring, vw is chrysler and chrysler is well…junk. enjoy vinnie sardello.

  8. I looked at the Nissan, Honda, VW, Dodge, Toyota and Chrysler. If you're looking at minivans, practicality is #1. (otherwise you'ld get something sexier–like a Ranger Rover or M3 Convertable, or Escalade). The hands-down most practical are the "Stow-N-go" models with fold-into-the-floor 2nd row buckets (3rd row split bench also dissappears). And in my opinion, the Chrysler is the best-looking interior and 2nd only to Nissan on the exterior. So after trying them all out I bought the Dodge (almost a Chrysler but less expensive. The Chrysler had a lot of standard equipment I thought I could do without.) That 2005 van now has 198,000 miles on it and has cost less to maintain than any vehicle I've ever owned. Still gets better gas mileage than the EPA estimate (which was already great for a '05 minivan). I did like the Nissan, but when you start to look at all the little details, the Dodge was just a lot more "bang for the buck" Plus it's the most versitle–which is why I choose a minivan in the first place.

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