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The Beijing auto show will get 2 new Honda concepts.
Not sure if these will be real concepts or the fake ones. Like the “Crosstour Concept” shown last week in New York, which is just a 2013 Crosstour…

To me, the one pictured on the bottom could be the new Accord. Why not.
Not sure what the top one is.

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  1. it is funny to see them all take just a similar variation to the same ol' tired design theme that the germans originally engineered. The top one is far more Honda-ish then the one below, looked to me like either a b-segment mpv. If the one on the bottom is an accord, it will do very well against the Maxima and Camry.

  2. LMAO!!! Here we go again! Great looking concept teasers only to be followed by really boring or ugly looking production vehicles.

  3. Honda had better get their act together with future models such as the 2013 Accord sedan. The latest Civic is such a disappointment, I don't recommend it to friends/coworkers who ask "what kind of small car should I consider"? Competitors such as Hyundai are on the move with better-looking styling and more features for the money. With each new generation, it seems that the Koreans get more refined and Honda sinks lower.

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