2012 Toyoa Axio=2013 Corolla?

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As you can see, so far the Axio as been really close to our Corolla. Except for the front and rear ends.
Interiors are the same, and profiles are almost identical.
(Axio is on top)

So feast your eyes on this all new Axio now coming out in Japan.
Again, front and rear designs will be different on our Corolla. But this might be the horror we end up with next year.
Looking like a 1980’s eastern European car, or a Chinese knock off.

The interior will probably, just like in the current models, will be the same for Axio and Corolla.
And it does look like a weird cross between the 2012 Camry and the new Yaris…

In a market populated with cars like the Elantra, Focus, Jetta, Cruze and the upcoming all new Kia Forte, this makes the redesigned Civic look like Marilyn Monroe.

Good luck.

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  1. One of the single most boring small car designs of the last decade… and the interior's no better.

    The new Dodge Dart has absolutely nothing to fear from this 'thing'.

  2. The exterior will look OK with the camry front and rear but the interior is just friggin stupid looking. My Dog can you imagine the mind of the person who designed that? Freakin freak.

  3. Toyotas have gotten so ugly that I actually get angry when I have to sit behind one in traffic. Just a terrible assault on the eyes.

  4. The new Camry isn't bad, but Toyota just seemed to give up on the Corolla, if this is the new model that is. But they know people buy them because of the name. I wonder if they will keep the 4 speed auto.

  5. There is no way that Toyota is replacing the current Corolla with that thing…if they do sales will fall through the floor.

  6. As horrible as it is. Zombies looking for A to B transportation will keep its sales high…sadly. The body kind of reminds me of the 2006-2012 Sonata/Optima. It was hot shit for 2006, but pre-historic now. I would feel better if they started making the 2003 version again, or just keep the current one for 10 years. This is the only thing that makes the Civic seem interesting unfortunately.

  7. The new Corolla will be a big deal and a sales success, especially if they make it quieter and roomier. It also needs a more composed ride. I rented the new Camry and was very impressed by it mechanically, though I found the touch screen radio annoying. Nobody should put a big screen on a car's center console and then make NAV optional. That seems to be a sop for car rental companies, so they can still peddle their cheesy aftermarket NAV systems as add-ons.

    My suggestion for Toyota is to build a proper Corolla station wagon, 4-wheel disc brakes, NAV, w/ the 6-speed auto transmission from the Camry. Make it the alternative to the dearly departed Volvo station wagons, or to the Mercedes ones most people can't afford. It doesn't need to be a hybrid. 1.8 liter engine and 6-speed auto tranny should allow for 35 mpg average mileage, which would be fine for most people.

  8. Could that look any more like the 2000-2005 Sentra? I'm sorry, but if this truly is the Versa-ization of the next Corolla, Toyota should just keep the current one around for five more years.

  9. "….cheesy aftermarket NAV systems as add-ons."

    That's "cheesy $2K of pure profit NAV system." People cry about $100 floor mats but fork over $2K for a NAV.

  10. If you compare the old Axio and Corolla closely, you can see that they look very identical, but then you see that even the doors and window line is not the same…so I'm sure that the Corolla will look better.

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