2014 Cadillac Escalade?

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Who knows.
This looks a bit radical to me.
The next Escalade will still be based on the Chevy Pick up truck. And this looks more like some car base thing.
Or not?

Either way, we will see an all new Escalade sometime next year.

But I really don’t think, and hope, it will be as popular as the current model has been .
The market seems to have changed so much in the past years…

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  1. The rear profile over the wheel reminds me of a hearse for some reason. Otherwise, it looks like a step in the right direction.

  2. Based on the headlights and side mirrors, this is purely a concept, but the final will not look like this. If they release this it will kill a large portion (50+ crowd) of their sales….

  3. Very Interesting… In a good way, but it this rendering does look quite a bit like a photoshop of the Isuzu Axiom.

  4. Vince, that is a very old picture. I wish that WAS the next Escalade, but it was a design study that's been floating around the internet for a couple years now.

  5. The market is dimishing because the middle-class is dimishing. The middle-class owned trailers for camping, snowmobiling, biking, boating, etc. Now they can barely afford the toys; let alone a Suburban, Expedition, Yukon, Escalade or Navigator to pull them with. As America looses it's competitie edge, and the middle-class looses ground to the ever increasing lower class; so do Americans loose the fruits that go to those who are the best at competeing in a world market. Luxury tow vehicles will come back when our economy fully recovers — and that just ain't happening right now. Socialists don't need (and can't afford) no stink'n lux vehicles. None of em can. That's what they call equality. Everybody's equally miserable and equally wanting for something better.

  6. Hard to tell the scale. Either it's much smaller than the current Escalade, or those wheels are HUGE. There's practically no overhang in the back. If it has three rows of seats, there's not much storage. The size of the rear passenger doors (note the square glass) and the wide C pillar make me wonder if this is a one-off for the Chinese market. Wealthy Chinese don't drive themselves, so they love extended wheelbase vehicles with lots of rear seat leg room.

  7. This is very weird the way the grill goes up into the hood! I've seen this picture before a year or so back. I doubt the Escalde will look anything like this.

  8. The roofline looks very conventional, like a Durango or Jeep or something like that. It's tough to say about the rest of it. It certainly is distinctive, and I imagine the road presence will be impressive.

  9. I'm glad that we have the choice and not be dictated to as to what car we can buy. I think in a free country, if everyone want to purchase a hog of a car like this, the BEAUTY is, they can. Not because someone decides to push their morality on the public. That kind of mindset seems to be in vogue now.

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