All new 2013 Altima starts production

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Nissan started production of the all new Altima today in Tennessee.
Which also marks the 20th anniversary of the US built model.

Nissan also mentioned their intention to beat the Camry as the number one selling car in the US.
Toyota sold about 40 000 more Camrys last year. So it is possible for Nissan to beat it.
With a new design, new really cool features and best in class gas mileage. And also considering the new Camry average reviews so far. The Altima does actually have a chance this time around.

No matter what, 2013 should be a great year for mid sized sedan shoppers….

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  1. It looks like someone dropped a lead weight on the A post and bent the friggin sheet metal…seriously…who thought that droopy line was a good idea?


    Bratty Design Twits.

  2. No chance this will outsell the Camry. It has a feminine exterior styling, and an uninspiring interior that looks like it's from 10 years ago.

  3. I think it looks nice, almost Lexus like, but the key will be price. Not sure if it will out sell the Camry or not, just because Toyota has the financial muscle to keep it from happening. If nothing else, between this and what Hyundai is putting out, hopefully it will force Toyota to get off their butts and start putting more money and thought into their vehicles.

  4. There is zero chance that this will outsell Camry – Toyota will spend like nobodies business to protect that crown.

    Besides, it's ugly and it's a Nissan. The 2013 Fusion?? THAT has a fighting chance.

  5. No chance that this outsells the Camry.

    Nissan CVTs have a HORRIBLE reputation. Two of my co-workers had them replaced in their Nissans. A 2010 Rogue and a 2008 Maxima. Both had the same failure with lurching/surging and it was making noises. The Rogue had two replacements and it was sold within 100 miles of the second unit being put in.

    No, Nissans are NOT great cars at all. The 370 and the GT-R are the only ones worth a darn.

  6. I am hugely amused and this posting brings a smile to my face. As a Nissan salesperson, I have already done the ride and drive in Sudbury, Ontario , Canada. It was yesterday. We drove the Camry, the Accord and the Sonata. The Altimas we had were a 2.5 and 3.5 and were pre-production prototypes. There was no car even close. I am the only person, more than likely, that has been able to do this. Granted, I am skewed towards Nissan, but I have worked at Toyota in the past. Bottom line is that driving and sitting in this car verses the competition makes all the others feel like they were designed 10 years ago, yes including and especially the new Camry. This makes us extatic because this is the all new Camry we are talking about here. Which one would presume is the best Toyota can do in this category. This car, the new Altima, has seats designed by NASA and are the best seats I have ever sat on. The competitors seats felt like plywood. Take it for what it is, but I am supremely confident this will be the best selling car in any category in North America. Reserve judgement until you drive them .

  7. well well well, it's not at all obvious that the toyota sales persons are extremely nervous now is it. Hahaha. The CVT is solid, the cars are well built and have a fantastic reputation. I was going to ignore these posts but they are so blatantly toyota people. The new generation cars and CVTs are even better than before if that's possible and all of this, and rightfully so, makes toyota people nervous. You see, Toyota has been so high for so long, some of the younger salespeople have no real selling skills. Recently, because of toyotas horrendous 12 million or so recalls, they have been panicking and back peddling. Truth is, Nissan builds a much better car than toyota does today and that makes some nervous. Have a great day! BTW, I owned a Camry and now have a 3 year old Altima and the Altima 2.5 is far superior and the service at the dealership is less arrogant and much better.

  8. Oh boy, toyota better worry, that Camry is lame, weak and non descript and it's their newest iteration. This looks like a winner from Nissan….. Oh oh toyota, the time has come.

  9. Wow, a car to shake up the robotic boredome that is the mid sized car. This is groundbreaking, Congratulations Nissan, good luck to the other players. Your wake up call just came in.

  10. very attractive, I have a 4 year old Altima with 125,000 miles on it. Runs like a finely bolted together swiss watch. I will line up for this car.

  11. you know what's sad? the scrambling and bad mouthing from toyota people that are petrified from fear that this fine car brings. Toyota "was" a good brand a while back. Their time has passed and they aren't gracefully accepting it. Sad. and classless.

  12. Nissan CVT… um, you must have some bad mojo going; yes, they go out under unusual driving habits, and yes, if they do go out its a pain, but, they are typically reliable.
    more likely, might your co-workers possibly opened the "do not open" cap on the CVT fluid? it's bright yellow, welded shut, and says "do not open".

  13. ** QUOTE ** This car, the new Altima, has seats designed by NASA

    I don't see how this matters. I'd rather have seats designed by Recaro.

    Also – hasn't 2 of the NASA space shuttles exploded – and they are now largely doing nothing ? 🙂

    Bodes well for Nissan ….

    Glad that you like working for Nissan – do me a favour, as a fellow Canuck, tell Forsyth Nissan customer service is abysmal. It's a very, very common theme. I've personally be scourched by 2 Nissan dealers in Ontario (not Sudbury) – and would rather circumsize myself with a rusty spoon then give them another dime.

  14. Well, here come the Nissan shills. Unless you've been locked in your parents attic for ten years, there is no way you could call this "groundbreaking" or speak joyously about the CVT, which has been proven to be extremely problematic for Nissan. To compare it against the Camry is dumb. The Camry is hideous, while this is merely generic.

    I'm sure they'll sell lots of them, just because this is the kind of nothingmobile that sells in large quantities.

  15. @

    May 17, 2012 7:00 AM
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    May 17, 2012 7:32 AM
    May 17, 2012 7:34 AM

    Come on, you don't think we are that stupid, do you? You are the Nissan salesperson that always says that "Nissans are a great piece of kit" and that you own a Versa/Sentra/etc for your flower delivery business.

    The only reason why the Altima has sold so well recently because its fleet mix is well above 30%. That's higher than pretty much everyone else in the industry for D segment sedans, other than the Galant. That's embarrassing.

    Vince, I'd also expect a bit better of you to filter obvious fanboy nonsense. Six posts nearly all full of Toyota bashing by the same person, and pro-Nissan garbage.

    You are better than this, and your site is better than this.

  16. C'mon. The new Altima is good, but not ground breaking. It's kinda silly to think this makes the others look "10 years behind" when it's just now catching up to the rest of the field in fuel economy. I know salesmen are going to sell, but jeez.
    So when a better car comes out with better performance what are you going to say? "It may have more HP and saves more gas, but the Altima has NASA designed seats!"

  17. this is awesome, all u weak toyota sheep, why so angry??? , scared maybe???? haha. don't be hatin', Nissan just builds better cars. what don't u get hahahaha . Bully's be gone

  18. Grandma, your Altima has arrived. No need for the Buick anymore. It has NASA seats so when you lose control of your bowels…no worries!

  19. " haha. don't be hatin', Nissan just builds better cars. what don't u get hahahaha . Bully's be gone…"

    Typical lingo of the kind of person who drives an Altima or Maxima. Such a ghettomobile.

  20. "Sonata is weak and poorly built with substandard materials. Altima is not." – Anonymous

    Tell that to Nissan.

    ”Hyundai is the biggest threat for the Japanese automakers,” he said. “They have the technology, but they seem to have cheaper labor (wages).” – Shiro Nakamura, Nissan designer.

    Hyundai has one of the most automated plants in the world. The one in Montgomery, AL. That's one other reason why they make good cars a little cheaper than the others.

    Most automakers nowdays makes a decent car. People in the industry know this. They all look at each others offerings all the time. That's the little secret they don't want people to know.

  21. Nissan checking out to see how the Sonata is doing? Hyundai has finally arrived (well even before this). As for a luxury division, that's a different story.

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