Cadillac ATS Pricing.

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The new Compact Cadillac will start at $33 990.
Not that cheap. Considering the base model comes with a 2.5 Liter engine with 200hp.
Pretty much “Honda Accord specs” more than BMW.

A more interesting option, (and closer to the new 3 series) is the $35 795 2.0 Liter turbo version with 270.
The 2.0 Liter is available with a choice or automatic or manual transmission.

The top of the line 318hp V6 starts at $42 090.

The next CTS is supposed to move upmarket when it comes out. But for now, the current model with the same 3.6 Liter V6 starts at $42 290.
Only $200 more than the smaller model.(!)
Which doesn’t really make any sense to me….

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  1. Actually, not that far off the competition. The 3-Series does have a 40 hp bump, but a higher base price and options will skyrocket faster. Base models in this class aren't really that potent, and a V6 Accord often has more power than base 3s and base A4s. Base usually is even more literally "base" with luxury cars than with family cars. It's like the way you get free internet at La Quinta in St. Louis, but have a pay $10/day for the same wifi at a Hilton in Manhattan.

  2. ATS / CTS, it looks like the general is slicing the markets rather thin again…
    CTS is rather A4-ish already, can't imagine how sqished the back seat of the ATS is going to be. also, probably means catera is going to upsize to fill the seville/STS void.
    what a shame, loosing the seville / deville nameplates.

  3. I can't stand Cadillac's Art & Science designs. They are incredibly ugly and don't age well.

    Cadillac will never be a Mercedes or BMW, never. Quality will never be there, nor will the sheer amount of R&D that those two put into even their least expensive vehicles.

    Seriously, even for something stupid, compare the door hinges on a C class to a CTS.

  4. The case lately is that the Cadillacs tend to include much more stuff as a base line than BMW or MB or Audi does, so this might actually reflect that.

    That is, I really hope so. Because if that's the price BEFORE options, there's no real deal here.

  5. "Seriously, even for something stupid, compare the door hinges on a C class to a CTS."

    Now, don't get me wrong, I love German cars. Audi, BMWs, Porsche and the higher-end Mercedes are among the best cars available. I own an Audi myself. But gave you even seen a C-Class? It's a German Camry. MBs are hardly over-engineered like they once were. I actually haven't studied Cadillac's door hinges, but the quality of their latest cars are very impressive.

  6. The door hinges of a C Class is supposed to hold 200 pounds of weight like someone sitting in the open door window sill, typical German engineering.

    For the price of this, I'd just get a couple year old CTS, but after seeing this ATS in Detroit, it just seemed underwhelming, Cruze like almost in its appearance.

    But I will check this out again in the silver or black instead of red that didn't seem to make the car "pop".

  7. I like what Caddy has done lately but I think the chunky rear quarter style on this ATS is a mistake. Makes the rear tire looks 3 sizes smaller than the front and all that bulk above the rear wheel cutout makes this car look more "economy class" than "C-class". I'm not saying the ATS needs to LOOK like a 3-Series or C-Class but those cars look so much more upscale and powerful than does this.

  8. The A4 has similar specs for similar money and that has a lesser FWD layout from a Golf. If Audi can charge that for the A4 then the ATS. Fits right in

  9. I will reserve judgement until I see it in person, because in pictures it looks underwhelming especially the rear.

  10. My neighbor just bought his son a used, 2011 CTS fully loaded from a GM dealer with the high output 3.6, all wheel drive, chromed alloys, satellite and 9,000 miles for $32,000. The car listed for $50,000. Anyone paying $34,000 for this tiny ATS with a 2.5 liter deserves to be hosed.

  11. I was looking to seeing the ATS at the NYIAS and was very disappointed. The interior just seemed cheap looking…I don't see this as a BMW competitor it just have that same levedl of high quality materials.

  12. This class is all about leasing, so MSRP really doesn't matter that much. The lease deals Caddy puts up against BMW, Audi, and especially Infiniti (who gives G's away) will really make the difference.

  13. I've sat in this ATS at the NY auto show, and anyone who says that it isn't hand-down better designed and assembled than the E93 3 series it full of shit. Sorry, but there is no way to conclude anything different.

    I'm not sure that the exterior design is as compelling enough to turn heads. But it is most definitely a solid car.

  14. Until Caddy gets past a couple things, it will never compete in the land of Autobahns. Those things are: its LasVegas inspired 1970's leather luxury interiors, and the still unresolved and black-plasticky front grills that still don't say 'world class' or 'sporty', let alone 'expensive'. It took them forever to finish this car, while BMW and Audi pulled in huge numbers. Late and lame. They better have a development program underway already to resolve some of the issues. By the way, can anyone tell me why a large Caddy is always so damned cramped inside?

  15. "'ve sat in this ATS at the NY auto show, and anyone who says that it isn't hand-down better designed and assembled than the E93 3 series it full of shit. Sorry, but there is no way to conclude anything different. "

    I agree, I have no idea where folks get that it can't or doesn't compete. Also, remember that the CTS was redesigned in 2008, so the next CTS will be on the same level with a 5 series/e-class. I think that Caddy has this thing figured out.

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