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It looks like the Chevrolet version of the Buick Encore isn’t a total clone.
Although proportions are the same, of course. Kind of like the GMC Terrain and the Chevrolet Equinox.
But the Chevrolet won’t be coming to the US.
Which is kind of weird. Since a small Chevrolet SUV makes much more sense than a tiny Buick.
And GM will be selling the Buick in Europe as an Opel. So it seems there is no problem for them to sell both over there.

The Equinox isn’t that small. And there is plenty of room for something smaller and cheaper in the US.

This is the Buick version, the one we will be getting here soon.

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  1. goodness… i keep thinking there going to put eyes on the windshields to completely mimic cartoon cars.

  2. I agree w/ Vince…why Chev wouldn't bring this rig to NA is a mystery. It's a solid looking CUV that might actually attain the fuel economy that Equinox promises…

  3. GM, does some really annoying things. The reason why it won't be sold is not because of Buick but it is because it would be the smallest SUV in Chevy's lineup and would take away from Equinox sales. But the Equinox is almost the size of midsize SUV, so if someone wants a smaller UTE then why not sell one of these? It's the same logic that the Saturn VUE will be sold in the US but as fleet only under the name Captiva and that because we can't take away sales from the Equinox. This is really frustrating.

  4. Sorry Vince, but as much as you would love to see a strong US market for micro machines, it's just not reality. Even at $4/ gallon gas, trucks and big cars are continuing to sell very strong. We need more fuel efficiency in our big cars, not smaller cars. GM is smart to limit the proliferation on this vehicle. Frankly I don't think there's a good market for the Chevy or the Buick version. The GMC Terrain and Chevy Equinox are already too small. They should spend their time on getting 30mpg out of a Tahoe… then you'd have a real break-through sales hit.

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