Chevrolet Volt. Day one.

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I finally was able to get a Volt, late yesterday.
It came to me with about 12 miles left on the charge. And I really do not have a way to plug it in until after the week end.
Which is too bad.
The pure electric drive is quite an amazing experience. The car does feel heavy, which I like.
And quick enough. The sport mode does a good job and the car does feel quicker.

Otherwise, it is quite and refined all the time. It is really hard to tell when the engine is on or not.
I assume it is since the battery is now empty. The ride is very comfortable.

So far I have averages between 40 and 43MPG in mix driving, with the battery on empty.
Which is really good.
This is such a much better drive than the Prius. The difference is quite amazing.

I will try to do a quick report every day. And answer questions you might have.

So far, I love driving it.

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  1. The upcoming Fusion Hybrid is 10 grand less, and may get 47mpg city, 44 highway, plus more room, so this'll be interesting.

  2. If (like me) Vince lives in an apartment building, there is nowhere to charge.

    This will be addressed as plug-in vehicles become more common.

  3. I am not a huge fan of Chevy, or Nissan or Toyota for that matter. But I really do think that this looks good, and appears to have a lot better interior design. Style is subjective, but from a practicality perspective, I don't know why anyone would choose a Prius or a Leaf over this.

  4. Yes, I am currently in an apartment building with parking on a lot down the street. So no plugging here.

    But it is possible at work. And just found out that some movie theaters in Hollywood have a few charging stations.

    So I will be going to the movies today!

  5. I don't think I would ever buy a Volt but hybrids in general are starting to interest me a bit. The new Prius C finally hits the financial marks that make these cars worth the money, and it isn't hideous.

    But it's the next gen Ford Fusion hybrid that really has my attention. The Fusion in general is just one sexy sedan. I'll be checking it out..

  6. The next gen Ford Fusion Hybrid will be available as PHEV (Energi) early next year. Most likely better deal than the Volt.

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