Chevrolet Volt. Part four.

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Today was time to return the Volt.

This car was a lot of fun, and I must say, one of my favorite car to drive.

And fun to be in as well.
It is a very nice, modern and well finished interior.
And I do like the 2 bucket seats in the back. As most cars never carry 3 people on the back seat anyway.

The convenience of a hatchback is an added bonus too.

I am really sold on this car. Although I would not buy one. But I would definitely lease one.
The Volt technology will be constantly improving. (They are talking of a better EV range for 2014)
Leasing makes the most sense for this kind of car.

I don’t really see it as a competitor to the Prius.
The 40 miles on pure electric make all the difference. It IS an electric car and drives like one.
The Prius does not.

It is quite sporty and quick as well. The opposite of the Prius.

Basically, I think everyone who wants to drive something special should give the Volt a try.
It is very comfortable, has a big convenient hatchback, drives great and gets the best mileage available.

I highly recommend a test drive. It is quite an experience…
One I will not forget.

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  1. Well finished interior? LOL.

    Vince, you lost all credibility there. You are the ONLY person to say it is well finished, multiple REAL automotive publications have said it has worse materials and fit and finish than the Cruze.

  2. The volt cost too much. It should be more inline with the Prius. I test drove one back in October & really liked it, just couldn't justify the $40k plus price.

  3. The materials in the volt are unique, some might not like it, but it's good some pretty cool and interesting pieces. The Cruze is nice, more mainstream but not as cool. For me the Volt is better. Next generation will have a more mainstream interior I am sure.

    In terms of price, don't forget the $7500 fed tax credit and $1500 CA tax credit, all in all decent price for a much better car then the Prius.

    Also lease deals on them are amazing right now. Check it out.

  4. I ordered the Opel Ampera Cosmo last week. Basically two models to choose from here in Norway. One with almost everything included (Enjoy) and ordinary fabric seats, and one with everything included and leather seats (Cosmo). No more options to select from. Only $1200 difference so the choice to go with the "All inclusive" model was easy.

  5. I prefer the interior design of the Volt over the Prius – all those green-blue digital gauges at the base of the windshield really turn me off. This particular Volt's light seats, black interior and graphite-colored center stack look sharp. Far better than the all-black interior and bright white center stack!

  6. I don't understand why Vince – and lots of other readers – are comparing the Volt to the Prius.

    They don't use the same engine technology.
    They aren't in the same price range.
    They aren't the same size.
    They look completely different – inside and out.

    Why put these two cars in the same league? Comparing them doesn't make any sense.

    Just because both cars use "alternative power sources" doesn't mean they should be put up against one another.

    It's crazy. And not in the real world. Very few buyers would actually choose between a Volt or a Prius.

  7. I wish people would stop comparing this car to the Prius. Is different technology than the Prius. It would be more appropriate to compare it to the all electric Ford Focus or the Nissan Leaf which is in about the same price range. A pure electric car is unfortunately still expensive unlike hybrids like the Prius. I think this car looks much better than the Prius and the benefit is that you can go much further without going to the gas pump.

  8. It was never my intention to compare the Volt to the Prius.
    But some readers started doing so and I had to answer questions.
    Plus, some people do compare both.

    Even though I agree technologies are very different.

    I do think the Volt is a far superior car, and much more technologically advanced than the Prius.

  9. to anonymos May 31, 2012 8:24 PM why cant i compare prius to volt…those are quite a same size even yuo say they dont .volt only caries 4 people wile prius 5. its not any more economical then prius that abot 100mpg they claimed have been many times shot down alredy, sure yu can run almost 50miles on electric BUT after gas engine kicks in then it starts guzzle down about rate of 30mpg next 250milesthen yuo out of gas and electricity… this is clear when yuo think sbout the eqution 50 miles electric drive plus about 9 gallon gas is only able to get yuo 300miles . when it is in pries case 11 gallon of fuel and yuor charge while drive gets yuo 600 miles easy

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