Chevrolet Volt. Part three.

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Went to Malibu today, and was able to charge the Volt for a while.
But not the full 4 hrs required to fully charge the car.
So I got only 24 miles on it.
Which was fine. I can charge it again tomorrow at work.

Most people buying this car wouldn’t have this problem, as they could charge it at home or work.
Living in an apartment, and the 3 day week end forced me to drive it around with an empty battery since friday.

Which I enjoyed. The suspension of the car is firm and very comfortable.
Much more so than the Prius.
The steering doesn’t have the video game feeling of the one in the Prius.
And it is much quieter when you accelerate. Again, the engine sounds more like a compressor than an engine.
It is also much quicker than the Prius.

I drove the Prius many times, and my conclusion is that it is the perfect car for people who don’t like driving.

On the other hand, the Volt drives great. Like a very good car. Electric, or not.
There is a huge difference. For those who enjoy driving.

Of these 91 miles, only 24 were done with the battery alone.
So the 83MPG average is pretty amazing. Something the Prius could never do.
Plus, again, the Volt was fun to drive in the canyons.

It would also be scary in a Leaf, or Focus electric. Not being 100% sure to make it back home…

I understand the need to push aerodynamics on this car more than most others.
But that front skirt is so low, it scrapes the ground in every single driveways…

A small thing, but I thought I’d mention it….

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  1. Hey Vince – how tall are you? I'm 6'2 and am worried about how passengers in the back seat would feel w/ me in a comfy driving position. Also – how is the stereo? Are there compromises as a result of the 'eco speakers'?

  2. To be fair the Prius PHEV could get 83MPG depending how long trip is. Pricing is slightly lower but so is range and as you mention not a drivers car.

    Will be interesting to see the Fusion Energi PHEV and Accord PHEV (in about 6-9 months). Those might be better roomier alternatives.

  3. I'm surprised at how well you like this versus the Prius. Most Californians cream their shorts over the Prius, and wouldn't think of considering a Chevy. I wouldn't consider a Toyota or a Chevy, but I'm glad that the Volt is notably better than the Prius. Even if it's not as popular.

  4. I'd love to see the electric bill of someone charging this at home. I'll bet it costs more than regular gas!!!!

  5. It costs between $1 and $1.50 for a full charge at home. Depending on what time of the day or night.
    That is $1 or $1.50 for 40 miles.
    Much less than gas.

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