Peugeot 301

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Looks like it is based on the new 208.
A boring “trunk added” version of the cool 208.

It does have that “emerging market” look to it. Even though it will be built in Spain, it is not, so far, intended for western Europe.
Its main market will be Latin America, Africa, The Middle East and eastern Europe.

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  1. Are we sure that boring piece of machinery isn't somehow affiliated with the new Toyota Axio? I mean, they did it before with their shared Aygo/107..

  2. Maybe it's related to the Citroen C3? The location of the equipment on the dashboard is very similar.

  3. It looks ok for a budget minded buyer.
    The interior is a bit sad and date.

    Hope it will help peugeot.
    They need it.

    The Golf everyone buys is too much boring and always the same.

  4. Saw a 208 today.
    They try to hard to make it look different but it just look boring. Just plain old and not so good PSA look.

  5. I had a 206 that I sold 6 months ago, really a good car (in the looks and in its drive). This 301 has a kind of ¨retro¨ flavor in it, in fact, the dashboard and the side view outside reminds me of the one the 306 used years ago!!!, Only the front end looks (let´s say) plain good, the rest is kind of a step backwards and yes, it shows up the emerging market intention the brand put in it!!!, Peugeot is missing that design that made me get the 206 back in 2004!!!!

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