VW Beetle test drive coming up

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I always liked the Beetle. Old and new.
And I was able to participate to a customer clinic for the all new convertible over 2 years ago.
This week I finally get to actually drive one. And keep it for a whole week.

The one I just got is a Turbo Automatic model. (Even though I was told it was going to be a manual…)

So far, it is, of course, very much like the GTI I drove a while ago. Using the same drivetrain.
The engine is still slow at take off etc…
But the whole thing looks so much better to me than the rather boring GTI.

As usual, I will try to answer any questions you might have.

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  1. Tachometer needs center….for serious drivers.

    The GTI is a much sporty ride. The Beetle turbo is not a gti in different duds. The beetle has different transmission ratios and is softer sprung (Same goes for jetta GLI) Beetle shoppers are not as performance oriented. The GTI is the truer performance machine.

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