VW Beetle Turbo. Day three.

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The interior is where this new Bug is obviously more upscale than the New Beetle was.
It almost feels like an Audi version of the Beetle.

Even the hard plastics have a good texture. And there is no chrome whatsoever. Every metal trim has a much classier matt finish.

But, a friend of mine sitting in the back seat noticed this.
The handle attached on the B pillar seems to be a bit broken.

Not sure what happened there before I got the car…

I thought I had the weird window behavior fixed. Until the auto up function on the driver side stopped working again.

The drive is still great. And I did get used to the light steering. Which is really precise.

I know leave the DSG in “auto manual” all the time. It does help a bit with the turbo lag.
And gives me more power when I need it.

I also realized that the strange brake behavior I reported on yesterday was due to the DSG’s abrupt downshifting pattern.
In both D and S modes.
Using the Auto Manual mode seems to fix that as well.

This car would be so much better with a proper manual…

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  1. Wow, based on your first three posts, this VW is a useless piece of junk. If VW wants to become a true leader in the auto industry, they seriously need to make their vehicles more reliable. I saw two Audi's pass by me yesterday and both had one side of their front LED's out (they didn't have their turn singles on either), and one was an A6. Sad.

  2. VW has had power window problems CONSISTENTLY since 1982! Can you believe that and stupid Americans still buy their JUNK!
    And the cheap grab strap is already broken. LOL. And it shifts like crap. And……………

  3. Yes VW quality not so good.
    Even in Europe.
    And people act like if a VW car is an Iphone or something. If they don't like something they don't give a second though about it because it's a 'perfect' product!

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