What am I driving this week?

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  1. New Malibu? Or maybe a Buick.

    Only GM would pick such a horrible color combo.
    Although I suppose it's more interesting than grey.

  2. Buick Verano
    I'm really interested in this review because im considering buying one when the turbo model comes out.

  3. New Malibu.

    Also – did you ever post the review of the Volt? I thought you were doing one – but I don't think I ever saw it.

  4. The Volt I was supposed to get a few weeks ago had been damaged by a previous driver and had to be re-scheduled.
    I am getting it in a few weeks.

  5. I've seen that horrid butterscotch color before.. in a Cruze.. so I'm guessing Malibu, Verano or Enclave.

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