2013 Honda Accord

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This was taken in Ohio.

From this and other spy shots I have seen of the new Accord, it looks like they might just pull another “New Civic” on us.
This seems to be a slightly different take on the current design.
Just like the Accord Coupe concept we saw last year.

Which is not what they need right now.

Honda and Toyota need to do much better. Pretty much any other mid size cars in the US look better than these two.

Let’s hope for a big surprise…..

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  1. Honda designs have fallen so dramatically from their mid 1990's heyday that it's almost too sad to watch any longer. Boring doesn't even begin to describe the mess they've made and this 'new-ish' 2013 Accord isn't likely to give reason for hope.

  2. Don't know what happen to Honda/Acura. They make good quality, technologically advanced reliable cars, but their exterior and interior design is atrocious. With the exception on the NSX concept, everything else looks like crap from the early 2000s. Find some new designers and keep throwing out new stuff until something sticks.

  3. Reliability is more important than looks Toots!

    6 year old Accord was rated better than the brand new Sonata.

    Shows how much you know.

  4. Reliability is more important than looks Toots!

    6 year old Accord was rated better than the brand new Sonata.

    According to what sources?
    U mislead people by throwing out your perception disguised as some sort of reliable study and survey.
    In my humble opinion, 6 year old Sonata looks better than brand new Accord.

  5. I'm always curious to see what a car company does with high volume products like this. I was very impressed with most aspects of the redesigned 2012 Camry I recently drove (didn't like the new, overly complicated radio w/ huge touch screen), and I'd like to see how this competes. The current Accord has a really ugly interior, but it seems very reliable. This car looks huge. There's definitely a role for larger cars with more traditional designs. Not everyone enjoys the "fashion forward" Hyundai Sonata with its impaired visibility and headroom.

  6. I'm on Accord number 3 – 89, 00, 05. Despite what the style pundits have to criticize, each each car has steadily improved in quality, reliability and safety. I believe that's what Honda's focus is all about. Style like youth is fleeting, as you're older longer than younger.

  7. I have said it many times. The Audi designers should go to Honda. But NO! They do not want to spoil the Acura beak…..And why become overnight a smashing success? That might end up helping them …..exceed their sales expectations. Now, who would want to do that? It is better dicking around with a new grille every year in pursuit of identity.

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