2013 Nissan Altima starts production

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The second assembly line for the all new Altima started just a couple of days ago in Missouri.
The car is also being built in Tennessee.

Looks like Nissan has big hopes for the new Altima.

I am scheduled to test drive one in a few weeks, which should be interesting to compare with the Passat I have this week.

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  1. Kind of scary how much the new grille/headlight design reminds me of the Infiniti G.. seems like they're devaluing the brand by slapping all their styling cues on rental-level Nissans.

  2. It already has great road test reviews, better than the Maxima. The V6,in effect , is a FWD Infiniti G. I thought the CVT was one of the major distinction factors between the two brands until the….. JX came out.

  3. Dude why are hating on Honda?
    with all these news you're reporting, I haven't seen anything on the new Accord. Good or bad, atleast do it right; Report on every one.

  4. Funny how Nissan's tag line is still SHIFT_ and you can't even get one that you can shift. CVT only… Nissan: SHIFTLESS_crap.

  5. It's great the new Altima gets 38 mpg highway with a plain jane 2.5L without direct injection. I assume that that great mpg comes from the CVT plus a not too heavy vehicle weight. The downside is that if the CVT really does offer that much of an increase in mpg, watch for all cars to start using it in the future to remain competitive mpg-wise. I hope they can somehow get the same efficiency out of a regular geared automatic at some point.

  6. I am curious to drive a Nissan CVT. A friend recently rented a Maxima and when I asked him about the CVT feel, he was clueless. He thought it was a regular automatic. Having said that, the automatic 40-50 years ago was a heresy instead of using the stick. I guess softwares are changing a lot of things around us.

  7. Nissan's CVT has been improving yearly. It's now to the point where most auto journalists, like myself, who did not like it in 2003 , now love it. I find it better in every measureable category to a regular ( ancient), heavy, large, ponderous transmission.

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