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These are images of the new RL replacement for next year.
I guess they think adding an “X” to the name makes it more modern.
Because the “new” design is not. Really not.

It looks like a combo of at least 12 cars. And could win the price of most generic looking car ever made.
What a disgrace compared to the original Legend. Who would have guessed things would become that bad.

I know most cars in the segment are boring too, like the new Lexus GS. Which t is a lame excuse for mediocre design.

I wish them luck….

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  1. Well said:-). Agree but sad thing is that almost everyone is moving in that direction. Seems Toyota has showed everyone else it works: Camry looks almost same and is still best selling car. New ES will also look the same.

    There are few exceptions fortunately like new Fusion and MKZ. Hopefully they will be also as reliable.

  2. Vince – I often don't agree with your comments. But on this car, I couldn't agree more with your take.

    A disgrace, indeed.

  3. I dont think the GS is bland or mediocre at all, the last one was. I've seen one next to a new 5 series and it looks a lot edgier

  4. My mother had the original Legend coupe, 20 odd years ago. That was a beautiful car. To me it's a modern-day classic, like the '65 Mustang. She should never have gotten rid of it. I don't think this new Acura will offer anything that makes it a compelling choice over cheaper more practical cars like the Camry.

  5. Looks like a late model infiniti……what are they doing? Come on guys, get rid of that stupid "shield", bad idea let it go.

  6. Vince, your comments are spot on. Acura as a brand has so much potential and it's just gone to hell. The Legend, Original NSX, Integra, even the 2nd gen TL were all outstanding cars. The new ones are just awful from a styling stand point. Engineering on them is great but the exteriors are terrible. There is nothing that really flows together. The line up seems cobbled together from multiple design ideas. It makes me ill looking at them and the new styling head making a statement earlier this week that the "beak" is staying was like hearing one of my teenage daughters argue a point she knows is in error but refuses to admit it because she doesn't want to be wrong. The Acura styling department needs to be sacked.

  7. …and you know it will look a lot better when we actually see it in the streets. These photos look like they came out of a newspaper advertisement. The concept looked a lot better except for the ghetto wheels.

  8. I do not see any success in acura's future. This car is something we have already seen and is very boring

  9. Acura has technology down…why the hell can't their designs be as innovative? This car is not pretty…it's also not ugly…it's just, blah.

  10. Come on, the RL has been inducing drowsiness for over 16 years now. Who could possibly be shocked or surprised by this "redesign"?

    And please, don't compare the Legend with an RL. No one was able to figure it out in 1996 and no one will be able to figure it out by 2014.

  11. I feel the same way about Honda and Toyota today as I used to feel about Ford and GM a few years ago. The lack of innovation or good design is disappointing. I really hate seeing these mediocre cars on the road.

  12. first, i will say that i like your blog and respect your opinions and comment , Vince. I do believe you have said similar comments on other ''bland, boring'' concepts and then you changed your mind when the vehicle hit reality and you test drive it. The photos provided are just concepts and it does not look at all bad so far. These are luxury family style 4 door sedans..they can't all look like Maserati's….HONDA AND TOYOTA are playing it far too safe with the designs because they are trying to recover from their earthquake/tsunami disasters and they have cut back on quality . In a few years of profits i think we see that they make a comeback with more aggressive designs and better content, but it will come with a good price hike.

  13. The best thing Honda could do for the Acura lineup is fire some people. The second is issue an ultimatum about the cars they're making: 5 yrs, the lineup will be exciting and leading their segments (not just in sales, but in looks/performance/economy…all original Acura values), or its gone. The third would be the rebirth of the Integra and reinstituting the Legend and Integra nameplates, with suitable offerings to live up to those fabled names.

  14. I don't think Honda can afford to support a Lux brand anymore. Letting it die slowly like this is not smart. They should just add a Honda to compete with Avalon & Chrysler 200 and shut down the Acura Brand at the same time. Eliminate the losing lux brand like Chrysler did with Imperial and GM did with Hummer. They will be much better off financially and can then work on getting the Honda Brand back up to being competitive again!

  15. Honda lost me. At least Nissan had me from 1985 TO 2007. I had a Honda from 2007 to 2012. Don't care for what they have to offer. Thoght I might like the new ILX…wrong. drove everything Honda has to offer. When I found the car I liked, it couldn't be configured the way I wanted it. Good luck Honda.

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