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Took this picture in my neighborhood last night.
And it’s not the fist time I see it in the past few days.
It seems that, at least for now, diesel is cheaper than regular.

When most of the time, it seems to be about 50 cents more per gallon.

Go figure…

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  1. Supply and demand? Since they make gasoline and diesel from different fractions of the same oil, the supply stays pretty proportional, but the demand can differ.

    In Sweden diesel used to be cheaper, but since people begun buying diesel cars in large numbers, diesel has become more expensive than gas.

  2. In the winter demand for diesel is highest (since it's used for heating as well). So it will go up again in several months from now.

  3. Here in PA, cheapest regular is around $3.459, cheapest premium is $3.759 and cheapest diesel is $3.779. I'd be willing to pay the extra $$$ if I could get the mileage you got with the Passat! I'm curious about the upcoming diesel Mazda.

  4. It is definitely the case around Seattle. Most stations are charging near the same or up to 25 cents less a gallon for diesel. Not something I have seen in recent memory. Typically diesel has been 25, 30 cents higher.

  5. Yes in Seattle area diesel is typically much more expensive but prices are also still slightly affected in Northwest due to the explosion at the refinery. It should go back to typical levels soon (it seems to be finally stabilizing/down last few weeks)

    MPG you also get with hybrids so I wouldn't take the chance with buying a diesel in the US. As mentioned if everyone would buy a diesel then gas prices would go up especially in winter where demand is highest.

  6. Diesel costs less to make. The ONLY reason it was ever more than regular is because of the additional regulations that require the artifical creation of supposedly "clean diesel" which trades tailpipe pollution for energy/refinery additional pollution (and additional cost). This recent lower cost is a supply & demand thing which will probably change back once market forces have equalled things out.

  7. Since Diesel engines must be stronger than gas they tend to last 2-5 times longer. That plus the increased MPG, vw the high cost of replacing Hybrid batteries every 4-8 years (on Hybrids); makes Diesel much much cheaper than anything else over a 10-year period. The Diesel's advantage gets greater (costs less & less to own) more each year past the 10th. From a value standpoint over the course of a decade; Diesel awlays costs you less, Gas is more, and Hybrids cost the most. Even though it's just the opposite over the first 12 months (assuming Hybrid rebates & incentives). So you have to ask yourself: How long do you intend to keep this new vehicle?

  8. i have to drop yuo diesel-fan down to earth on this one.
    yes diesel engines last longer then most gas engines, but nowhere near 2 to 5 times…maybe 20-30% more.
    but since yuo have to make repairs,especialy with poor-quality US diesel, to modern diesels wich cost in neigborhood of 1000$ a piece after about every 4 years: there is exhaust recircultion valves,catalytic converter, fuel injectors.
    and in hybrid-case, there isnt need to change the battery-pack regularly every 4 years!
    every prius, ecxept few odd examples, has still original battery-pack…some first ones and cars used few years as taxi travelled some 110k miles each!!

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