Kia Ceed Coupe

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The new Ceed is out in Europe. And the sedan version is coming over here as the new Forte.

This future 2 door version is for Europe only. Although a US Coupe could be based on it.

Let’s hope Kia follows Hyundai and decides to add the hatchback versions to the next Forte line up in the US as well.

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  1. Lets hope that Kia brings this to our side of the pond to spice things up a bit. After all Hyundai has the Turbo Veloster waiting in the wings, me thinks a hot hatch from Kia would be the perfect response and send a shot across VW's bows to boot.
    In the meantime I will pray to the speed godess that I won't have to move to Europe to get my hands on a decent, affordable hot hatch here in the colonies….:-|

  2. This would make a nice replacement for the Forte Koup.. especially now that Hyundai totally muscled in on that territory with the Elantra coupe.

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