Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake

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After a 4 door coupe, now a 4 door Shooting Brake.
Which is basically a hatchback version, or a wagon, of the 4 door.

This is pretty much the car we saw as a concept over 2 years ago. So there is absolutely no surprises here.
It’s also too bad the CLS, 4 or 5 door, isn’t getting the glass roof treatment. It would look great on the hatchback.

This is the original concept.
So we’ve seen that shape for a while now…

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  1. Vince, you forgot to add for those in North America ….
    … "NOT coming to a dealer near you"

    Thanks a lot MB for hating Americans, as usual.

  2. I think MB likes Americans. That's why they keep all the design-challenged misfits in Europe! What a concept though–a wagon with less trunk space than most sedans. And I assume it can't tow anything either. What's next? A 4×4 SUV that can't go off road?

    On another note: your "prove you're not a robot" is becoming unnecessarily complicated. My bank has less stuff to re-type!

  3. Certainly looks better than the sedan version, but the proportions are so exaggerated as to look almost cartoonish, rather than elegant.

  4. What a waste of engineering. I bet the visibility from the rear is ground-breakingly wonderful. I thought the original concept of station wagon was space and functionality. Oh and by the way it's ugly as sin.

  5. Quick Spiffington, load the rifles. I want to shoot a couple of tigers on the way to the Hob Knobbler.

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