Nissan Leaf test Drive. Part one.

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The Leaf instantly feels like something special.
After the Volt, this is my second experience with an electric car.
And I must say, I love the smooth gliding feeling the electric motor provides. Plus, the added bonus of the ” Driving the future” feeling.

The driving position id about perfect. Not too high but not too low.
It doesn’t feel as sporty as the Volt. More like a luxurious compact ride.
The interior does have more hard plastics than the Volt. But everything still feels solid and well put together.

The steering is lighter too, but seems to fit the car just fine.
It is just very pleasant to drive around. And more like a “normal ” car than a Prius..

It does get noticed. ( I had a long talk with the Frolic Room Door man after parking the car right in front of the historical Hollywood bar).

So far so good.
The car was delivered with 86 miles left on the battery. But after driving about 15 miles , the “available range” says 88.

OK by me…

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  1. I have had one for over a year and find it to be great. You'll love the low-speed torque, too. I have a GT-R and Infiniti M45, too, but still drive this baby when I can. You will understand after you drive it for a while. It's unlike anything else.

  2. Hey you above !

    If you do not need your GT-R or M45 anymore and want to give them to someone, I will sure take them !


  3. Hmmm…Anonymous (June 20, 2012 8:00 AM) has a GT-R, Infiniti M45 … and a Nissan Leaf?

    Might it be that he's a Nissan employee?

  4. Hey vince, I think most Nissan dealerships have charging stations for the Leaf. How long does it take to recharge the battery? Does the battery have to be completely depleted to reharge it?

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