Opel Astra Sedan

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Opel has finally revealed the sedan version of the Astra.
Which is pretty much the car we have had here as the Buick Verano.

Except for a few changes. Mostly the grill of course. But the rear end seems much better on the Opel.
More like a small Insignia.

Here is our Verano. With its more blocky rear end.

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  1. I really had my doubts about how the Opel Version would end up looking like, but its become pretty sporty and much more attractive than the Buick.

  2. I've been pretty disappointed with the Buick version of this car, and now that Opel/Vauxhall have their own it raises my distaste for what Buick did to the car even more. Why GM couldn't have waited a few more months and left the clumsy-styled version for the Chinese market and essentially badge-swapped this car like they did with the Insignia/Regal is beyond me. The Verano's styling is too much like the Laccross – in other words fine if you are selling to 50+ market, but you want 25-35 y/o people getting into this car then graduating to the Regal when they want to trade up. And the name is also geriatric – Verano makes me think of some quaint Italian village, not a fun back-roads small sedan. The ball drop on this model was large and will only hurt Buick's market share.

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