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This is obviously not for our market.
Thank God.

It looks like Toyota is now copying the VW Up!.
And just like most copies, it looks worse, much worse than the original.

I guess the U might not be sold in Japan, so not many people would notice (?)

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  1. This doesn't appear to be a 'copy' of the VW UP! but a small delivery/cargo van (notice the sliding door n the passenger side) for small businesses like the ones I used to see all over Japan when I lived there.

  2. Gotta hand it to you Vince, you're pretty ignorant when it comes to JDM kei cars. They've had this type of shape and style years before the VW UP! was released.

  3. Like everyone has been saying, it's been on the market in Japan since 2004. Plus, it's a different kind of city vehicle seemingly aimed at city-dwelling women tired of banging car doors when trying to put their kids in the backseat (a la Peugeot 1007)

  4. As said, an 8 year old car. Also interesting for being the cheapest wheelchair-compatible vehicle, allowing handicapped people to ride shotgun. Sorry Vince, you completely missed the point on this one.

  5. VW Up copied this Toyota design since its been out in the japanese Toyota range since 2004.
    The side door slides back for ease of the disabled.
    Jumped the gun a bit quickly on this one Vince

  6. That's actually not an Up copy, it's based on the Daihatsu from the late 90s, the one between the Cuire and Charade, I forgot its name. This is just an updated version of it, except the front which looks the same

  7. A copy of the up!? It seems the up! was heavily inspired by Toyotas European only Aygo (1.0 l 3 cylinder, locations and equipment on the dashboard, front seats, rear windows on the five door.

    But I think there are reasons not to sell the up! in Japan. It's built in Slovakia and not in an Asian country and it is by displacement and dimensions not legitimated as a Kei Car (660 ccm engine, maximum width 1.48 m, maximum length 3.4 m, the width of up! is 1.64 m without mirrors and the length is 3.54 m).

    The up! would only make sense in the Kei Car segment but the modifications would be too expensive.

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