Volvo V40 coming to the US

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Now Volvo claims we will be getting the all new V40 after all.
Which is great news.

It will do battle with the all new Audi A3 next year.
And making the A3 look really old in the process.

So far the best bet for the US market is the a version of the 1.6 Liter Turbo from Ford.
Or the 2.0 Liter Turbo for the high end model.

Bot really good engines. I have driven the 2.0 in the new Escape and it is great.

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  1. Its obvious that the V40 and Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta were all designed by some of the same people. Works well for a $13-$20k Ford. Not enough car for Volvo's "near lux" US customer, though. Definitely doesn't look $30k+.

  2. Shouldn't this car (at least eventually) use Volvo's new Environmental Architecture four? It not getting a whiteblock will be too bad.

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