2013 Lexus LS Interior

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What a different story inside. It seems all new.
And super luxurious.

Pictured here is the 600hL Hybrid model .

This seems to match anything in its class. And looks much better than the overly chromed and cheezy Jaguar XJ interior.

Job well done inside. It almost makes the exterior OK…

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  1. Steering wheel is a total fail and interior is not up to the competition such as Audi. This seems more 80's Mercedes.

  2. The "cheesy Jaguar KJ interior"???

    Proof your fucking work, Vince. Are you 13 years old or are you just mentally handicapped?


  3. Anyone else noticing (again) the poor navigation screen graphics? Audi/BMW has for many years 3D nvidia graphics. This is not even matching an average smartphone nowadays. This is the flagship Lexus after all.

    Also high-res info screen at instrument cluster seems to be missing or low quality (Nissan Altima seems to be beating this).

  4. Fun how some people over react to others mistakes.

    The car looks great inside. But it should be that way. It's very expensive!

    The German brands are too much about showing off to the neighbours and hiding the repair bills…

    Had one. Didn't like the unreliability part.

  5. Let's start with the exterior.
    The overall of the exterior of the car isn't bad. It has an elegant look from sides and rear. The front end is horrendous. The grill looks like the predator. Horrible. Might I also add that Nissan/Infiniti are also going for the hour glass shaped grill.
    The interior 80's type style TO ME looks great, though the lfa pulls it off better. The instrument cluster looks like the same cluster from the 1990s ls.
    Though I am a fan of the interior, to say its up to par is far off

  6. In the second picture from the bottom, the seats, headliner and instrument panel are three different colors, none of which go with each other. Massive fail.

  7. I have sat in both cars, the Lexus is one of the best and most comfortable interiors in the industry. The XJ is like the Taurus, looks enormous from the outside, only to be super cramped on the interior, and yes, I don't think the XJ has as nice an interior as a 7 or an Sclass, and both of those cars are on par with the LS, so yes… the XJ is not as nice as the LS.

    This car's exterior is absolutely gorgeous, you need to see it in person to appreciate the subtle updates that have made such a huge difference.

  8. Ok here are my thoughts on this the outside i think is good cause the brand needs to be more risky. The rear looks very much like they were just forcing it and the lines just look old. I can clearly tell this is a rehash and not excited enough about the design to forget it. The interior on the otherhand i think is brilliant. Its very clean, elligant and useable.


  9. …these 'new grills' always seem to never be love at first sight, i mean, remember the 2005 audi a6 that introduced this new massive open grill trend? yeah, well, it has certainly grown on alot of customers and manufactuers as well, so i think this too will grow on you and, like a few Facebook girls, also LOOK MUCH BETTER IN PERSON…

  10. "The German brands are too much about showing off to the neighbours and hiding the repair bills…

    …Had one. Didn't like the unreliability part."

    Well I now have a 5-series and LOVE IT!!! My neigbors aren't into cars so most probably think I have a simple Camry! So much for "showing off".

    The big Lexus has always been mostly "an obeise Corolla made-up to copy the S & the 7" And this is no different. Styling is boring, handling is slopy. It appeals to Myopic Obeise Americans with a simplistic view of cars (which may be partially to blame for the unusally high incidence of owners complaining about unreliable brakes, falling headliners, unintended acceleration, shutting down at 65 MPH, etc).

    As far as the Germans; BMW has a great "100% BUMPER-TO-BUMPER" warranty that covers EVERYTHING for 100k miles… so the comment about expensive repairs is REALLY not accurate–all repairs are FREE!

    But if cars aren't your thing, a Camry will do; and if you're rich, the overpriced Lexus is for those who assume that more expensive = more reliable. Lexus owners are happy creatures of habbit simply because ignorance really is bliss!

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