2014 Kia Forte

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Another great looking compact sedan.
And more really tough competition for the poor Civic.

More on this really soon.

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  1. Looks like a Focus rear end. And the rest is a half used bar of soap. It doesn't look bad. But all of Hyundai/Kias are starting to look identical.

  2. When it comes to modern vehicle design, None even come close to Kia/Peter Schreyer at this Point – Another Great Design.

  3. This is good – certainly better than the Elantra sedan. It makes me eager to see the Forte5 – which hopefully will still be in our market.

    I've just got a hunch it will look better than the Elantra GT.

  4. I will not buy a Kia or a Ford, but this looks better than the Focus. One of the weak styling points of the latter is its oversized, almost awkward looking, taillights.

  5. For those obsessed with including comments about the new Kia Forte by stating, "Looks like…" who cares. You aren't buying it.

    It looks a whole lot better than the current model that it's replacing.

    Having driven the current model it's driving dynamics are pedestrian mediocre at best so hopefully this is a major improvement.

  6. @ July 29, 2012 6:06 PM

    The current Forte has actually received MANY compliments from major automotive publications regarding its dynamics. I've driven it myself and also found it to be pretty decent.

    I think I'll trust a professional rather than some schmo on the Internet.

  7. jtz:
    Looks like huh? Who wants to play the "It looks like game?" I'll bring up some cars you never thought in your life copied. Who wants to try me? I'll list some Hondas and Toyotas you never thought copied XY and Z. How? Because I'm jtz. I'll get any car from A to Z. BTW, nice car. People are quick to say, "The tailights look like the Focus' ignoring that the Ford 500's tail lights copied the Pontiac Grand Prix's but since Ford ain't Korean that's orignal. Just like how the Pontaic G6's tail lights can get away from copying the TC's tail lights. I'm jtz, I look foward to playing the "What looks like game" again. Have nice day.

  8. It's an OK looking car, but the one thing I wish Korean car companies would do is get an original idea of their own. The body sides borrow generously from the Mazda3, and the rear end of the car is a shameless copy of the Ford Focus. Which, by the way, are both entirely better cars than anything Kia pumps out. Snooze.

  9. very much a ford. kia and hoonday are cars for losers.. It's apparant you are not successful behind the wheel of a Korean car.

  10. Anonymous said… "I think I'll trust a professional rather than some schmo on the Internet."

    Remember, Anon, even the so-called professionals can and do get it wrong!

    And after all its schmos like me who buy cars and I know what a good driving car should feel like. Maybe its time you stop test driving your car from behind your keyboard.

  11. this car will rust faster than mazda 3… kia's are becoming worst… they age faster than mazdas… why they bother copying ford focus? none seems to have their own design trends, but always picking other's pieces to put into design!!

  12. I dont like the stupid line at the bottom of the doors but at least it doesn't look too stupid here. Why do these twit designers like to screw up nice designs? Are they that infantile and psychotic?

  13. "none seems to have their own design trends"

    Ignoring that the Soul, Venga, Rio, Rio5, 2013 cee'd, Sportage and Optima conflict what you said. Ps. I owned a 2002 Rio for 6 years and no rust.

  14. "The rear is very similar to the Ford Focus…"

    But it's ok for the Infinti JX to rip off the tail lights since it's not Korean.

  15. " the rear end of the car is a shameless copy of the Ford Focus"

    So it's ok for the Acura ZDX's backend to rip off the Volt. It's ok for the Pilot's backend to rip off the XB's and it's a ok for the Acura TL's backend to rip off the Buick Regal's since it's not Korean but the Forte can't have tail lights off the 2008 Kia KND-5 concept.

  16. Civic is toast. It's been a "has been" for a while now. Focus, Fiesta, Cruse, Dart, Altima have ALL left (Civic) in the dust. And as good as this Kia is… up close it doesn't really measure up to ANY of those others. Even the New Jetta looks strong against this KIA. It's about 1 year late to the party.

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