2014 Mazda 6

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Another teaser, although pretty revealing.

Showing what will be another very nice looking mid sized sedan.
Which was never the problem with the Mazda 6. As the current model still looks really good.

The problem is, no one knows about it.
Most mid sized car buyers don’t even have Mazda on their radar.
So, unless they spend some serious cash into letting the world know this car even exists, they could have another good looking flop on their hands…

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  1. A whole lotta teasing, and not a lot of suspense. This is the most anticlimactic effort ever. Without the badge, it could be a Corolla, it could be a Hyundai, or it could be an Acura without the bucktooth grille. I don't feel that this is adding up to a beautiful car.

  2. Thanks to Mazda's financial pressures and lack of a platform partner, the new 6 is basically a heavy refresh on the previous platform, much as the current 3 and 5 are. The only reason the new model will look dramatically different from the current US one is because they will now use the same global wheelbase in all markets, not the longer one specifically used for the current US sedan. Hopefully this will mean the 5-door and wagon can return to the US as well.

  3. Very handsome from this angle… though it'll take something pretty special to come close to being as stunning as the Kia Optima.

  4. If this car gets the Sky Activ-D or Sky Activ G, it should have better mileage than the Altima. Especially if it gets the "D". Either way, it will get attention that way. Mazda3 sales are much better with the Activ-G engine.

  5. "…though it'll take something pretty special to come close to being as stunning as the Kia Optima."

    Oh good gawd. I just shot coffee out of my nose. Seriously?

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