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The previous version of the Note was never sold in the US. Instead what we got here was the smaller and cheaper Versa Hatchback.
Since our Versa hatchback hasn’t been redesigned yet, some people are thinking we might be getting the new Note instead.
More than likely, we won’t. The Note will stay overseas, including Europe.

Instead, we will probably be getting this: The Versa version of the Tilda Hatchback. Since the Tilda sedan is the same car as our Versa sedan already.
Which is too bad. The Note seems a bit better looking. Even though it’s no beauty .
And a bit roomier too.

But at least, the hatch version of the Versa is a bit better looking than the awkward sedan….

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  1. Just putting this out there…
    Why do you think it took Nissan two model years before introducing the Versa hatch in the US? It's because it hasn't been made yet.

    This Note will be the new Versa hatch. The Tiida, introduced last year, is too huge for a Yaris/Fiesta competitor. Lastly, the US Versa is the Sunny in China, not Tiida.

  2. Nissan is bringing out a plethora of really impressive vehicles according to what's on the net. Altima, Sentra, Pathfinder, Rogue and Versa hatch will all be new very soon. How can Nissan not do well when all of those promise to have the latest tech and all play in large segments. I predict Nissan Sales jumping up sharply in the next two years.

  3. The Note is Fit sized, the Versa is one class size bigger but pitched pricewise, not sizewise, against the smaller econoboxes. That new Versa hatch could do some serious damage to Fit, Mazda 2/3 and Fiesta/Focus if it looks that good when it gets here.

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