Cadillac ATS Coupe?

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At a recent ATS even, this model was on display.
It looks like it could very well be the rumored coupe version of the all new ATS.
Or at least, something based on the same platform.

It looks like they are taking a different direction than the CTS Coupe.
Something more along the lines of the Euro VW Scirocco.
Kind of a cross between a coupe and a 2 door wagon.
Which is a good idea.

It would appeal to an all new audience for Cadillac.

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  1. Imagine this in the ATS range plus the Cadillac Urban Luxury concept from a few years ago. Those together would be even more appealing to new audiences. Only gripe with this ATS design are the tail lamps – they should extend vertically from bumper to roofline as opposed to looking like recycled Pontiac G6 units. 🙂

  2. Notice the cut line behind the front door, and how the front door handle continues a little bit behind the door. Looks to be a 4-door hatch, likely with "suicide"-type access doors.

  3. Wouldn't this be more of a Shooting Brake? Actually, there are lines there for four doors so it is a wagon to me..

    That said, I dig it..

  4. I like it although it would clearly be a hatchback and not a coupe. It also has the half-door access for rear seat passengers.

  5. hmmmm…let's see-
    -wheels pushed to the corners
    -hidden rear door
    -deeply sculpted sides and rear
    -fastback coupe roofline
    …who just came out with this same thing and it's selling like hotcakes? begins with a "V" I think

  6. For the most part, It's Gorgeous and the front-opening rear doors are nicely integrated… though one would hope that they'd reconsider the size of those tail lights if it were ever to go into product as they're far less elegant than those on current Cadillacs.

  7. Dang it! I didn't want to see this because it looks so damn good, and now I may want to wait to buy a new car to see if GM will have the guts to produce this. Experience tells me they won't, but if I buy something else I guarantee they will, just to piss me off every time I see this on the road.

  8. Love it. Of course it wont do well in the US Market but if Caddy want's to be a world player this could be the model to do it!

  9. This looks to be an older concept model. Cadillac has toned down their Art & Science theme these days. I'm guessing this is from 2004, based on all those models that were shown at the California Design Center a few years back.

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