Fiat Viaggio/Dodge Dart hatchback

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The Viaggio is the same car as our Dodge Dart.
Except for more chrome, a new front end and rear lights.

These illustrations show what a hatchback version of the Fiat would look like.
Which isn’t that hard to guess.

So it is a question or wether Fiat will have the guts to built a Dart version of this or not.
Ford did it with the Focus. But GM keeps the Cruze hatch in Europe.

Would you like to see a Dart Hatch in the US?

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  1. I dont get the car companies. From what I see 2/3s of Focus sales must be hatches and I like the Dart more than the Focus and would LOVE ad Dart hatch, but since they dont offer one I am looking at the Focus ST. If Dadge had this hatch here with the Rallye and the upcoming 2.4 with a stick, I wouldn't even look at the Focus.

    All those Focus hatches moving off the lots and they say we dont want them. It's stupid.

  2. I thought I´d never say that… but it is a little boring as a hatchback. The Viaggio is a nice car as sedan, but not as a hatch. This Will replace the Stilo/Bravo in Europe, which both were much more pretty and original compared to this.

  3. They would be fools not to try this handsome hatch here. Their CEO is pretty bold so I expect to see it here.

  4. I think it looks classy and sporty enough to appeal to US buyers. Hell, SOMEONE was buying the Calibers, and this looks a TON better.. so why not?

  5. I'm very 'pro' hatchback and wagon. But they might want to rethink this one… it looks a little stunted in the rear, like the hatch was an afterthought. Perhaps a notchback/fastback style might work better for this car.

  6. they had a "near hatch" ABOUT 40 years ago: the "Dodge Dart Demon" was a 2-door fastback with fold-down rear seat that opened into the trunk (had a large trunk lid).

  7. This looks great and would add to the Mazda 3/Ford Focus popular C-segment hatch competition.

    I like the Forte 5 as well but have seen one for every 75 Elantra Tourings.

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